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What is the GPT partitions 2 And what use ?

Hello !

My E540 (20C600JHFR) has a disk which is GPT partitioned and with EFI boot. So far so good.

I've bought an NGFF 128 GB M.2 SSD card I intent to use for booting. (and install Linux Ubuntu on it)

So I need to create, populate the EFI boot partiton  (first partition). So far soo good. I can do that.

But following the EFI  boot partition is a 128 MB partition of unknown format (no known to me filesystem on it) which is flagged "msftres". The Windows 7 partition is flagged "msftdata" and NTFS formated.

Do you know what is the use of this second partition and should I put it on the SSD and copy it's content bit to bit from the HDD in order to be able to boot properly ?


Many thanks in advance for your help and advice. Always appreciated !

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