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Blue Screen Again
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Will Thinkpad Edge 335 work with Win 10?

This week I upgraded my Thinkpad Edge 335 from Win 7 to Win 10. At first it seemed to work fine but quickly I got blue screens ("page fault in nonpaged...). I then found Lenovo's Win 10 website where the E335 is not listed as having been tested for Win 10. Does this mean that it is not compatible? The message I get on the blue screen is not unique for Win 10 if I read the tech fora. I decided to reinstall win 7 again and that works fine. However I cannot run Windows Updates anymore without downloading Win 10!
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Re: Will Thinkpad Edge 335 work with Win 10?

Hi Reinout123,


Welcome to Lenovo Forums!


Sorry to inform you, what you have found is correct and as I went through Lenovo support found the same thing that the laptop E335 is not supported under the list of supported system for windows10 update. For your confirmation please find the below given link for better understanding.


Curious to know did you updated the windows 10 through ISO file, if not try updating through ISO but again no guarantee just try your luck.

Steps to update windows 10 through ISO file.

ISO file will need to be downloaded and burned to DVD and the upgrade installed from the optical media.


Hope this helps. write back for any clarification.

Thank you, have a good day.




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Re: Will Thinkpad Edge 335 work with Win 10?

I have the same problem after upgrading from Win 7.  I see the E330 is supported so might there be a good chance that E330 drivers will work, or is there another supported similar model?  Detailed specs are available for the E330 but I can't find them for E335 to make comparisons.

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Re: Will Thinkpad Edge 335 work with Win 10?

There appears to be some inconsistency in Lenovo's testing of Windows 10.


My Edge 15 AMD and your Edge E335 are both supported by the Lenovo Settings Dependency Package


as it says quite clearly in the ReadMe file.


However this package isn't listed on the downloads page for the E335


If my experience is anything to go by, your laptop should actually work under Windows 10 but some of the software you use probably won't.


I found that going back to Windows 7 was much better except that it corrupted the Windows Live Mail database which then had to be recovered.


I used the 'Go back to Windows 7' setting in the Update and Security->Recovery control panel in Windows 10.

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Re: Will Thinkpad Edge 335 work with Win 10?

Under 10 my E335 was requiring me to run systeminterfacefoundation.exe, but that wouldn't install. I may come back to 10 in a few months but for the time being I've reverted to 8.1 which I had previously upgraded to. 8.1 runs really well.

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