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Paper Tape
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backlit keyboard?

I heard mention of some edge models having a backlit keyboard, can any verify this?



Punch Card
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Re: backlit keyboard?

Ya, It does indeed have. I just got mine from Best Buy. And its kinda good for low light conditions. If you need a pic, do let me know.
Paper Tape
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Re: backlit keyboard?

I want to buy am Edge 14 but how do I know what model have the backlit keyboard? all 14" have it? I'm not able to find any ifo on the Lenovo website. Bestbuy has a 14" with that but it doesnt have Bluetooth, which I want.



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Community SuperMod
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Re: backlit keyboard?

Hi genemiami, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!


The illuminated/backlit keyboard IS a bit confusing.


One way to figure this out is to get the 7-digit product number. This number is also usually listed by the vendor, or in the case of Lenovo's online store, on the "Summary review" page after you click on "Customize and buy" for a specific system.


As synergetic mentioned, Best Buy is currently selling a model with a backlit/illuminated keyboard, the 0578-26U


We would normally be able to find the specification details for this model on the Personal Systems Reference page, but the current slbook (which contains the standard Edge models) does not list the 0578-26U, or indeed any models with illuminated keyboards.


On to the Hardware Maintenance Manual! The current Edge 13 HMM shows no illuminated keyboards, but the Edge 14/15 HMM shows illuminated keyboards for some CTO (customized to order) models, and the "0578-26x" (where x varies) - this includes is the Best Buy model.


So at the moment it looks like your choices are to buy an 0578-26U, or wait to see if Lenovo offers CTO systems in the US.


You could also check to see whether Bluetooth could be added later (that's a separate subject).

I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
Paper Tape
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Re: backlit keyboard?

Thanks for the reply. I guess I'm still in the same lost situtation. I own a T60 IBM Thinkpad and it does come with the Thinklight, which works grea. The laptop already began giving signs of "PLEASE REPLACE ME" and I got used and basically need the light beacuase as a computer guy I'm always monitoring and working on my systems and I have the laptop ON during the night under low light o no light conditions. Also if I'm traveling its  excellent for working on it and no needing to turn the headlight of the plane cabin, which can bother other passengers.


I was looking at the Edge to replace this one because I do like this line of notebooks and the Edge has an excellent price. I could pay for a more expensive Thinkpad but I'm also having a problem identifying a T model with Thinklight or backlit keyboard since all of them now come with a camera and thats where the Thinklight of mine is located, so looking and the Txx pictures on Lenovo's website it doesnt mention the Thinklight either. Another problem I have is that I dont buy my compoters from Bestbuy, I only go to Bestbuy to take a look and feel the model and then order from my computer vendor and I need to give them the right model. Sorry for the long reply but I'm little bit frustrated with Lenovo becuase the website just want to try to sell and depending on the model I check there is little or some details.


Going back to the Edge, another reason I like it it is because it comes with a spill proof keyboard and me carrying my laptop everywhere I go, its good protection. So.. if I can make sure any model of Thinkpad has a light and spill proof kbd and Bluetooth, I will order it.


Anybody that can give me a T series or Edge model with those specs, i will appreciate it.


Thxs again. I will keep looking too.

Paper Tape
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Re: backlit keyboard?

I get employee pricing on lenovo notebooks, and yet I bought my Edge 14 from Best Buy specifically because it has the backlit keys, 4gb RAM, and 500gb HDD. I could not get that direct from lenovo at any price. Closest I could get was the red model with 3gb and a 320gb 7200rpm drive .. but it was quite a bit more money that the BB version.

Punch Card
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Re: backlit keyboard?

I actually bought a floor model the other day from Best Buy, upgrading from my existing Y510.


The backlit keyboard is a "nice idea", but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to adjust the brightness...or find anything saying whether or not its adjustable or not to begin with.


As is, it is VERY dim. Almost to the extent where it's pointless. 


Fn + Space illuminates the keyboard, but it requires to it to be PITCH BLACK and the LOWEST brightness setting to be remotely visible and beneficial in the sense that it helps you see the keys rather than just suck power from being on...

What's DOS?
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Re: backlit keyboard?

Backlit keyboard was one those selling points, why i bought thinkpad edge 14". I am not able to get the backlight working even with Fn+ space. How do i find out if my model comes with backlit keyboard or my keyboard is faulty?

What's DOS?
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Re: backlit keyboard?

hi, My key paint came off on my G15, Logitech sent me a new one no charge! They had something wrong with the paint, it's fixed now. Mine WASD keys were blank, but the new ones show zero wear and I've had the replacement much longer than the original.

What's DOS?
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Re: backlit keyboard?

Yes the backlit keyboard is the point that I make decision to brought Thinkpad and now the 2nd gen of iCore out, It seem like I will buy more thinkpad soon.

it is good tough and fast...... just perfect!



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