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What's DOS?
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e135 (AMD) — memory not detected



I have the AMD version of the Thinkpad Edge e135. It came with 4GB of RAM preinstalled and I recently added another 4GB (of the same model). My OS (a 64bit Linux) however, still has only about 3.5GB available. This value being close to the 32bit barrier, I first thought it was a problem with the OS. But then I noticed this:


When while booting I choose "F10 to diagnose hardware", I get the following contradicting output:

   → System Information → Memory → Total Physical Memory 8GB

   → Quick Memory Test → Total Memory 3695MB \\ Available Memory 3578MB


Is it in the end maybe a problem with the BIOS? Up to now I only checked the newer version "HMET64WW (2.04)". Did anyone get this successfully working? Maybe with the older version? Any experiences, ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks for your help in advance! Cheers,



What's DOS?
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Re: e135 (AMD) — memory not detected

Replying to myself: Now it works.


I couldn't stop myself from fiddling around. At one point I interchanged by chance the two memory boards. That is, the originally installed one is now in the originally free slot. The new one I bought, is in the formerly occupied slot. I don't understand why, but now it works.

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Re: e135 (AMD) — memory not detected



I encounter the same problem with my recently bought E135 AMD. The system memory installed is 4GB, but the OS only use 3,55GB (as you can see on the pic). The wierdest is that the BIOS displays 4GB, but the testing program only sees 3.55GB.


 Image hosted by


It might be an OS issue but I can't figure how the testing program (the one you find using F10 after desabling the manufactury settings in the BIOS) doesn't see the right amount of memory.


I anyone had a clue about that, or if it's normal, please answer.



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