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What's DOS?
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e430 - List of whitelisted wireless cards?

I have  a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge e430, I bought it this spring. I currently have a wireless card that does 802.11n, but only on the 2.4 GHz frequency. I would like to buy a card that's capable of operating at 5 GHz as well. Is there a list of approved wireless cards for the e430 available online anywhere? Do any of you own an e430 with a 5GHz-capable 802.11n card?


I have contacted sales a couple of times regarding this. Apparently the laptop is too new, and they don't have an accurate parts list internally yet.

Thanks for your time

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Re: e430 - List of whitelisted wireless cards?

Good day and welcome to the community.


The closest you'll get to a list of 'whitelisted' WLAN / WWAN cards is the FRU parts listing. On page 1, you'll see three entries for WWAN cards with their respective FRU P/Ns.


The first one, 60Y3195, is an Intel Advanced–N WiMAX 6250, as best I can tell. According to Intel's 6250 page, it does 5GHz, and uses a 2x2 antenna configuration. If you opt for one of these, make sure you get a real FRU-labeled part (vs a generic Intel) or you will hit the 1802 boot error. Also, you should make sure that your current antenna configuration will support this card.


The other two are Realtek RTL8188CE-based cards, OEMed by Foxconn and Lite-on, if my Google-fu is working and I've got my abbreviations straight. The Realtek page lists that controller as only being 2.4GHz.


Hope this helps a bit.


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What's DOS?
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Re: e430 - List of whitelisted wireless cards?


I have an E430 with an horrible BCM4313 Wireless card. I'm a Linux user and this card sucks, so I bought a great Intel 5100 card, but when I plugged in a not very nice message appears before the POST:

Unauthorized wireless card is plugged in. Power off and remove it


Laughs. Just that. What? What is this? What kind of protection is this? Why I can't use another card? I've read a lot and yes, I know: I need a whitelisted BIOS to install another wifi card instead of an "Lenovo verified" one.


I work on IT, I really need use Wifi all the time to make tests and configurations and using a external usb card bothers me.


Can you guys send me a whitelisted BIOS? Here is my information:


Base Board Information
Manufacturer: LENOVO
Product Name: 3254TJY


BIOS Information
Vendor: LENOVO
Version: H0ET90WW (2.50 )
Release Date: 01/15/2013


Thank you!!


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What's DOS?
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Re: e430 - List of whitelisted wireless cards?

Unfortunately it seems as if Lenovo has whitelisted the cards on the E430 unit. Why they did this is downright inexcuseable. I know they've said it's about FCC regulations or something blahblahblah, absolutely nonsense. Spare me the terrible excuse. It's not convincing anybody.


So here I am with a laptop with a wireless card I cannot upgrade. Oh, want a dual band card? Oh, want a wireless AC card to go with your shiny new router? Sorry, you're out of luck. I know Lenovo is likely not listening to this, because, well, I'm a user with a complaint on a forum, but it won't stop me from posting online to educate users at any given opportunity. That said, I called Lenovo several times but nothing transpired of that.


As a result, I took to the internet and very easily found a utility that removes the nonsense whitelist from bios-mods. I'm currently using an Intel 6230 wireless card under Ubuntu Linux with no issues at all. I love this laptop so much more now that I've liberated it from its trash restrictions and lackluster Broadcom wireless card. My wireless speeds have nearly doubled when transferring files to/from my file server.


When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. Sorry, Lenovo, but your decisions have left us users who need choice in the matter no alternative. Thank you for this otherwise great laptop, and a bigger and far more deserving thank you to the mod community who allowed me to liberate my laptop to an outstanding level.


For the first time I can say that I thoroughly enjoy this laptop. It works better with far less fuss, and it's given me the opportunity to be educated on a new level when it comes to purchasing hardware. Checking if a wireless card whitelist exists is now on my short list of requirements to verify before purchasing.

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Re: e430 - List of whitelisted wireless cards?



I want to chage my Wireless Card from Broadcom to Intel. My Thinkpad is E430 - Product: 62713ZG , Serial: MP2Y5GV. I want to upgrade to 5G (802.11ac / 802.11ad). Could you please suggest me which wirless adaptor I should buy.


Many Thanks,


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