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e460: AMD Radeon R7 GPU problem - strange problem with games

Hellow from Slovakia.


I am really enjoy using this lap top perfect work from lenovo! Keep it up.


However, i got few problems, on of it is problem when i play games. I am casual player of Heroes of the storm, League of Legends, Call of Duty 4, WoW... i got problem with them using my e460.


1. I need to run all games in borderless fullscreen mode. If i dont, i got huge freezes during gaming. Laptop is capable on low settings fHD res. 60 fps in borderless fullscreen. When i am running full screen, i got something like that: 5 sec fluent experience full 60fps no problems. x seconds of lag, total freeze, sound is running good, I CAN CLICK ON FROZEN SCREEN AND GAME REACT, system running good, everything running smooth but image is frozen or black. After some time, fluent 60 fps, no problems at all.


I am running latest updates with system update utility for think pads. I also try to install new beta release for AMD drivers. This actually helped a LOT but it still sometimes happen. Also try to install latest official INTEL drivers blessed by lenovo. Nothing eliminates this problem. (yes i used Display Driver Uninstaller so i did this clean way).


2. When i alt+tab any game on full screen(sometimes also on borderless fullscreen), game screen freeze same way but for waaay longer. We are talking minutes now. Game IS responding, using CPU, soaking RAM, everything look just normal at task manager. However, when i check GPU-Z during this freeze, yes AMD R7 is in charge, however, its downclocked to stand by speed both GPU core and Memory as well.


Can somebody relate to this issue or help me solve it?


Only HW changes i made was:

- clonning whole HDD to my Samsung 850 SSD and replacing HDD with SSD

- I was able to add Kingston SO-DIMM 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz HyperX Impact CL9 Dual Voltage memory to free slot.


Thank you




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