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e520 fan/cpu temperature



recently i noticed a drop in fps whilst playing games soo i figured i  would check the cpu temps and they were quite high 92c when playing mw3 in normal graphics (mw3 used to run flawlessly in high). 92c is about 10 away from the tj max so i m guessing that the cpu is throttling down?


i have switchable graphics and the idle cpu temperature seems to jump from 45c to about 65c when changing from the intel graphics card to the amd one and the fan will be really loud also after switching much louder than i noticed before about 2 weeks ago.


i have thought that it could be dust that has built up inside the fan area but the change has been soo sudden im doubting it.


anyone know why this could be? or yet anyone with the same problem?





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Re: e520 fan/cpu temperature

Try checking the fans for dust.
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Re: e520 fan/cpu temperature

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Well yes, that temperature is quite high, make sure your bios is up to date and video card drivers

Since it is a laptop, the ventilation and fan power of a laptop isn't so good especially when playing games, so its kinda expected

First check your fan for dust but i also recommend buying a laptop cooling pad ( helps with the ventilation), check it up on Google, they are not expensive, it really helps me play games on a laptop and preventing it from reaching fps dropping temperatures



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Re: e520 fan/cpu temperature

ColonelONeill wrote:

Try checking the fans for dust.

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