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how to clean dust from e520?


My e520 is showing very high temperatures with the program hightemp so i want to see if its dust that has built up.

Anyone know how to get access to the heat sink/fan?

Will this void my warraty by doing so?

Many thanks



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Re: how to clean dust from e520?

[ Edited ]

Hi cheek666,


It looks like you would have to take the keyboard off and also the top case to get to the fan. That much disassembly would void the warranty.





Edit:  Here's your Hardware Maintenance Manual .  The keyboard is a customer replaceable unit, (CRU). The top case is not.  If you take the keyboard off, it looks like there's an opening in the top case right above the fan.  You might be able to blow the dust in from the outside and vacuum it up through that opening.  Make sure you use a toothpick or something of the sort to keep the fan blades from spinning.

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