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Fanfold Paper
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"0190: Critical low-battery error" while battery full (Brand new E531)


As the title says I have a strange problem – I get error 0190 (Critical low-battery error) where at the same time my battery is full on my brand new ThinkPad Edge E531. Of course I already searched for threads with similar issue and I found this one: . It appears that my case is quite identical with the one of user “gilsont”. I have noticed that whenever I leave my laptop shut down for a longer period of time with almost full battery, it displays error 0190 on next start up followed by a beep sound and shut down. You may ask “Why are you asking us? You already have the problem – the battery”. Well the problem is not that simple. I already returned the laptop (on 3rd day after I got it) to the store where I bought it and respectively they sent it to their tech service. After few days I was informed that they couldn’t find anything wrong with it or its battery. I instructed them how they may reproduce the error but again without any result – still nothing. Now I am in a bit confusing situation, I can’t prove that there is something faulty with this machine. I am not aware of the circumstances needed to trigger this error. My question is – could it be a single case, maybe the battery wasn’t fully activated at that time or something like dirt on the battery connector interfered? I really don’t know what to do.

Note: I encountered the problem 2 times. Each time I got the error twice (two unsuccessful startups in a row). In total 4 times. The moment I convinced myself it’s a hardware related issue I sent it back as soon as possible.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: "0190: Critical low-battery error" while battery full (Brand new E531)

Just got a call: After numerous tests they've encountered the problem. It seems that it happens in highly specific circumstances.


Marked this as solved and sorry about double posting I really didn't expect it.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: "0190: Critical low-battery error" while battery full (Brand new E531)

Bad news. Today my new E531 arrived and the same problem occured on startup - left it turned off for 45min with around 25 percent battery charge. I think it is from the same production line since its serial number is almost the same with the faulty one I returned. I am starting to think that this can be a problem in the series. Although that I have two related questions:


1. Is it possible that a software interference lead to this error? (Windows 8 Pro 64bit)


2. I noticed that the problem may occur after using ThinkVantage System Update. I haven't got any errors on the former notebook until I installed this app and respectively the drivers it offered. I suspect the Lenovo Power Management Driver.


Any help is appreciated!



Paper Tape
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"0190" battery error - Thinkpads with two batteries

I had the same "0190" error on a Thinkpad T450s which has two batteries - one internal and one external. Disconnecting just the external battery and reconnecting while on AC, which is what Lenovo recommends, caused the system to lock with no boot message and left a few keyboard lights showing. However I managed to fix the problem so I thought I would share what I did ...

  1. Disconnect *both* batteries. The external battery just unplugs but to disconnect the internal battery you need to take off the bottom cover. The Hardware Maintenance Manual for your machine should contain instructions on how to do this. Note that you don't need to remove the battery, just unplug it.
  2. Connect the AC power and boot the machine (yes it booted with no batteries).  Note you should take care to not cause any damage to the internal components if you are operating the system with the bottom cover removed.
  3. Shut down the PC properly and restart (not sure if this step is needed).
  4. With the system running, re-connect just the internal battery.
  5. Shut down the system then disconnect the AC power and boot using just the internal battery only - again, not sure this needed.
  6. Check the internal battery is OK using the Battery System Health Check in Lenovo Companion software. Mine was OK. If yours isn't I would guess it needs replacing.
  7. Power down then re-attach the bottom cover.
  8. Connect the AC power and boot the system.
  9. Once booted, plug in the second (external) battery and check if that is also OK using the Battery System Health Check - again mine was.


After this, everything seems to be OK.


I'm not sure all these steps are necessary, but it is what worked for me.


Hope this helps.

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