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Blue Screen Again
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resetting to factory state struggle

Hello all !

Here's my summary of my struggle of trying to bring my friend's lenovo thinkpad edge 14 back to it's factory state :

- My friend got her new thinkpad

- She asked her friend to install some softwares

- Windows 7 went bluescreen with sumthing like page fault in non page area

- She gave me her thinkpad to troubleshoot

- I was afraid this had sumthing related to h/w errors, so i did some stuffs like booting from linux opensuse dvd to do memory checking, checking the access to the harddrive, seeing that the recovery partition is still there, try running live kde just to make sure that everything can run .. this helped me concluding that the h/w is ok

- Next, i tried booting with my friend's win7 original dvd, trying to fix the startup repair, but didnt help

- Then, i want to restore to factory state, but i didnt know the way, dont have the blue button, and my friend didnt backup the recovery / rescue partition to a dvd, couldnt get into the windows, always bsod at startup.

- Next, (i think this is where i did wrong), i tried installing the win7 using my friend's dvd just to check that the win7 can be installed and run fine, and indeed the installation was successful and the new win7 runs fine without any bluescreen

- And then, i still wanted to restore this unit to the factory state. I thought i can do this once i got the new temporary win7 installed, thinking i could burn the partition to the dvd, but i still couldnt find out how to burn this.

- Later, i found out from asking around that i can boot to the recovery partition by using F11 at startup, but to my surprise it didnt work becase the MBR was replaced when reinstalling the win7 from DVD.

- After googling around, i found out i have to install the recovery software from lenovo, and then i can burn the image to DVD and can also boot to the recovery partition using the F11 key

- Next, i booted from F11, choosed to recover to the original factory state, and it said it'll boot into recovery mode so that the resetting to factory state could take place .. but what happened after that reboot is that i didnt jump to the factory state reset, but ended up in the windows recovery system, and couldnt do the factory reset thing. I tried this in another lenovo thinkpad of the same kind, and this worked fine, so i assume this didnt work because i reinstall the win 7 from the DVD.

So, currently here are the facts :
- I have a running tmp win7
- I still have the recovery partition, and i already burned this to the DVD
- I can boot from F11
- I couldnt get the reset the original factory state to work, and my sixth sense says that this has something to do with me installing win7 from a DVD

Please share your thoughts on this matter.

What's DOS?
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Re: resetting to factory state struggle



I am facing exact same problem on my ThinkPad Edge.


A few weeks back my boot record got screwed up and my computer will always boot into Windows recovery. 

I had to recover my data, but Windows wont start.


So, I decided to install Win7. It booted from Win 7 DVD and installation was fine. I got my data.


But now I am stuck in exact same problem that you have described above.

In fact, I haven't been able to make recovery media. There are two types. 1. boot 2. data.

It gives error saying "Required files not found" if I try to create data media.

Boot mediua worked fine. But nothing happens if I boot using it.


Pressing F11 at startup and trying to do factory restore doesnt work either. It just restarts and boots into Windows recovery.


I don't have any idea how I can restore to factory.


Please help if you have a solution.

Paper Tape
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Re: resetting to factory state struggle

I have the same problem.


1. Installed fresh Win 7 on the laptop as soon as i took it out of the box, left lenovo partition alone


2. I got the system up and running, but i get frequent BSODs, so i want to take it back to factory state (win 7 was installed from factory)


And i basicly got to the same point as the author, i managed to run the R&R with F11, but i dont have any backups to choose from.


I have the partition called LENOVO_RECOVERY, and in there, among other files, is the huge 10 GIG .cdrivebackup.wim, bu ti cant figure out how to point to it?


Thx in advance!

Paper Tape
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Re: resetting to factory state struggle

I'm having exact same problem.  Have you find any solution to this problem ? Please help.

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