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Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

For future references, just go ahead and read the topic because the answers you're looking for is most likely there; however, the solution for this problem hasn't been fully found, but i'm pretty sure they're working on it.


Read through the topic and find out potential fixes that might apply to you, as for your WiFi adapter not working anymore, uninstall the driver and reinstall it.. 

What's DOS?
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

Just like to add my experiences.

I too purchased a Thinkpad Edge 15 for business use back in March 2011.

I was disappointed upon arrival at the poor quality of the keyboard - keys J and K would not fully press (although they worked) and the same issue with the right touch pad button. I investigated and removed the J and K key tops to investigate. I discovered that the bottom keyboard base was distorted and pushed slightly upwards - explaining why the keys would not fully engage and give that springy click when pressed. turning the laptop over revealed the culprit - casing screws! One right between the characters J and K and the other where the right touch pad button is located. Poor design!

Not wanting the hassle of returning the laptop I put up with it. After about a month I too started to experience the dreaded keyboard problem discussed on this forum which I have just discovered. the e key being the worst offender. The last person to post is spot on about applying pressure to the bottom left hand side of the laptop - that is the problem area. I used to get hold of both corners and flex the laptop case upwards to remove the problem on frequent occassions.

In the end the laptop had an untimely death when somebody at my place of work spilt tea or coffee over it - but I suppose this did me a favour!

Anyway - a word of warning - probably foolishly I decided to give Lenovo another chance and I purchased a Thinkpad Edge E520 as its replacement last month. No silly characters as yet - but I do have a dodgy letter O on the keyboard - yet again - not springy/not pressing in fully. Most of the time when I type to include an "o" it doesn't type and I am forever going back to correct words. And guess what - yes its where the case screw is located at the back of the laptp.

I dont think I will be buying a Lenvo again. I love the rest of the laptp - but nt having the essentials working properly like the keyboard is inexcusable in my pinion.

Sorry - I got feedup trying t correct every time there was a missing letter o.



Punch Card
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

JameZ. I have an Edge 0301-DBU that has the same problem for the last several months however we did not discover it was a hardware issue until it was out of warranty.  Are there any options?

Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem: FIXED(ish). Read to see how and why.

Hi there,


I can also confirm that eternaluxe's solution works for me, although I altered it a little bit.

What I've done is to clean both the connecting end of the flexible flat cable (i.e. the wide one with 30 contacts) with an isopropanol based circuit board cleaner and a q-tip, as well as the respective connector with said cleaner and a suitable cleaning brush.

The other thing I did was add another layer of insulation (e.g. vinyl tape) between the metal shielding of the palm rest / touchpad and the cable and also between the mainboard and the cable, because I noticed wear marks on the cable which may indicate short-circuits to ground or some component on the mainboard.


That being said, this solution may or may not work for you, idk. Before taking this approach, you should remember that this will probably void your warranty, and you shouldn't try this unless you know what you are doing. I.e. taking proper precautions against electrostatic discharge and are familiar with safety around electrical appliances.


Again, thanks to eternaluxe andLenovoEdgeKeys for their pioneer work, and to everyone participating in this thread and doing lenovo's engineering homework.


What's DOS?
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem: FIXED(ish). Read to see how and why.

you're right, I resolved, should be isolated touchpad keyboard connections

Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem: FIXED(ish). Read to see how and why.

This is no solution!

I have this problem, changed keyboard it was okay for like 1 a 2 month.

Now I am working with the keyboard out of place. Meaning it should slide under the palmrest but I have the left side up. This seems to work but this is no solution.


Lenovo I need a real solution! I am a technical support engineer and I service lenovo laptops and desktops. So please get this solved and fast. Because this is a solid way to loose customers!

What's DOS?
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

[ Edited ]

the same problem here. (pressing e causes volume up, p-character) etc.


I notice the problem gets worse when there is a slight bending pressure applied to the keyboard.

My laptop still has warranty and I only want to send it in when the problem can surely be reproduced by their service-department 

what worries me is that the problem was mentioned in april last year and 9 months later stil isn't resolved 

Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

I did this last friday night

And I have been working on this laptop and the problem seems to be gone!!!


Lenovo when are you going to release a proper solution!

Lenovo Staff
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

[ Edited ]

B-Edwards, EJ92140, marley006, and all others,


If you're interested to be a volunteer to send in your machine for our engineering's inspection, please drop me a private message with the details below:


  • Full Name
  • Phone Contact
  • Email Address
  • Machine Type Model
  • Serial Number
  • Operating System
  • Date of Purchase
  • Date of issue started


  • How to replicate the issue. - For instance, what software are running when the issue starts, how long it takes to happen, etc.
  • What are the affected keys, what wrong characters show up instead,etc.
  • How to temporarily solve the issue.

Picantose, in regard to the 'O' letter is not 'springy' and caused an issue, I suggest to replace it with a new one. 


Many thanks!




T410, x240

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Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem


Dear Cleo Lenovo

I would be sending up my machine for testing except for a small detail. I need this machine every single day. I cannot just send it of for a few weeks.


I mean if we are talking about an exchange then this would be no problem at all. But there is also the fact that I swapped out the original hard drive for an SSD so there is no OS on the original drive. Why did I swap the hard drive, well I had an SSD in my old Lenovo.

If this were an option wel than you can have the machine.

I called Lenovo support in Belguim and they told me to swap the keyboard again. And if it does not work send it of for like 3 weeks.

And how to solve the issue => look at the picture I posted this solved it for me. I have no problems annymore.
What was running when iI first saw it, Photoshop, Firefox, Windows Live, Winamp (streaming from nas). Nothing special at all.
How to replicate just work on it and it wil fail without doubt.

Kind regards,


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