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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem



It should be reliable, but it is possible that spills,  humidity or other factors could affect the keyboard and because it takes corrosion a while to develop, it is possible that it might be some time after an event that the failure could occur.


A keyboard not working, or generating incorrect characters could be a common sounding problem, but unless the symptoms are exactly the same, the underlying cause is unlikely to be the same.


1) There could be software installed that is causing trouble.  While not exactly as described in this thread, some anti-key logging security programs can cause troubles.


2) The internal keyboard cable could be partially loose or not properly seated and this could cause random keyboard chartacters or incorrect characters.


3) If it is a single key, or always a few specific keys that are the problem, it is most likely the keyboard at fault.


I would recommend that you contact service if you have ruled out the other possible causes.


Best regards,



What's DOS?
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem


It seems from reading through this thread that there is a consistent problem with the Thinkpad Edge 15 laptop ie when you press:

e        you get      p

c        you get      a vertical line, cursor jumps to a few lines above and types B

d        you get      /;


Is that right?

That seems more like an inherent issue with the laptop than damage from spillage, wear and tear or dirt.


I had this intermittenly a few days ago, but now it seems fine.

Did anyone else find that an external keyboard works fine at the same time that the laptop one doesn't?

Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

Yes, I have problems with 'E','D','C' buttons too. Only those, and with an external keyboard I don't recognize this problem.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem: FIXED(ish). Read to see how and why.

Corrosion and planar. These two words got me thinking.

After removing the keyboard from my laptop, I saw that the contact strip that connects the keyboard planar cable to the motherboard was dull. Corrosion. I used a pencil eraser to polish it up and now I no longer have the problem that plagued me and still plagues many of you. I'm typing this with out issue.


I found instructions on how to remove the keyboard here:

Very easy. If you've never done any laptop tear down before, let me give you some advice:

  • Put the screws in a small bowl or container so that you do not lose them.
  • Do not force or jerk anything. Be gentle.
  • Remove the battery, hard drive, optical drive and ram.
  • Use static protection. Truth be told, I never do, but I make sure I'm grounded before poking about in computer guts.

I hope this helps you guys out! I was very excited to finally get a ThinkPad and heartily dismayed when I thought it was busted. My guess is some kind of impurity in the contact alloy makes it more susceptible to corrosion. This being said, I know I will have to clean the contact strip again in the future. Polishing it won't change its metallurgical properties.


Have fun and keep typing!



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What's DOS?
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem: FIXED(ish). Read to see how and why.

eternaluxe's eraser polish works!


You only need to remove the palmrest/touchpad assembly, but one of the screws holding the palmrest/touchpad assembly is hiding under the DVD drive. So first take out the DVD, then remove the palmrest.


Once the palmrest/touchpad assembly is removed, the cable connnecting keyboard to mother board is visible. Disconnect the wide cable from the connector, polish the exposed metal end and you fix it.


I guess the problem is the rusty metal wires messed up the on/off sequence from the keyboard. The eraser polished away the rust between the metal wires and the rubber residue helps to prevent any future rusty mess-ups. If this type of cables tend to mess up, changing them is useless. They become rusty soon.


Many thanks to brave eternaluxe!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem: FIXED(ish). Read to see how and why.



I tried doing the same procedure, even there was some rust, I erased it using a rubber but its making the same problem. I tried this twice...


Please advice???

What's DOS?
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

Same thing for me too. When I press certain keys, bizzare combinations of letters and numbers show up. For instance, C ends up as b|} plus the enter key. Its almost worse that its completely intermittant and unpredictable. For instance it messed up earlier today,  but is working now.  I had tried to download new drivers, reboot the computer, and revert to a system restore point before this problem manifested itself, all to no avail. 


I really want to fix this.. the laptop is practically useless if it's not dependable. 

What's DOS?
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

I have precisely the same problem- even the same bizzare reassignments of keys. Hope this operation works!

Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

@JameZ - can you post detailed information on the engineering aspects of the solution? You mentioned replacing the planar? This will help being able to explain the problem to the local official service center - who still are not aware of the solution.


And I must add that Lenovo is taking a hit because of this issue. One of my startups has just returned 20!! ThinkPads the moment this came up in two of them.

What's DOS?
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Re: thinkpad edge 15 keyboard problem

Just another customer that is going through to process. Very same issue as descibed all year. I have a keyboard coming and will install it. I guess the engineers are still working on it?

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