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Fn + Fx remapping on Thinkpad Edge 13


Using the Edge 13 for a while and would like to know how the FN + Function F1-F11 can be remapped?


F1..F11 and multimedia keys like Mute/Volume Up/Volume down/... are switched. I frequently use F1..F11 keys but now I have to press Fn+F1..Fn+F11.


Is there a way to  remap these keys in old-style? Like using F1..F11 without Fn key?





This feature can be changed in the BIOS.


To access the BIOS (press F1 at the ThinkPad logo when the system is starting)


In bios, look under Keyboard to find a setting to swap how the function and media keys work.  Also there is a Fn -> Cntrl swap that will make the Fn key Ctrl and the Ctrl key Fn for those who prefer / are used to the control key being in the lower left of the keyboard.


Be sure Hot key drivers are installed, especially if you have performed a fresh Windows reload of your system.  Hot Key drivers can be found on the Lenovo support site.

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ryan_tolentino On 2010-10-14, 17:31 PM

can this remapping also be done on a T410? i accessed the BIOS and there was only the option of remapping the Fn and Ctrl key (swap) but nothing regarding the Fx (Media) keys. thanks.

zwoerdkop On 2011-06-20, 9:17 AM

Does the BIOS swap the fysical keys as well for convenience?

Cleo_Lenovo On 2011-08-17, 16:27 PM

There is no change on the fx media keys..


The T410 BIOS should support the FN - CTRL key swap


Unfortunately, there is no current Lenovoprovision to swap the key caps  - on some systems the key caps are the same size and a user might be able to do that, and on other models the ctrl and fn are different sizes and cannot be swapped.


Threk On 2011-11-13, 2:58 AM

I just got an Edge E525 and couldn't believe that function keys had been combined with multimedia keys. At least this BIOS setting lets me get at the function keys quicker.


However now every time I use the multimedia keys a Popup titled "Thinkpad Keyboard Properties" asks me if I want to change back to the default setting. No I do not want to change back, but I'm getting sick and tired of closing this window over and over and over and over and over and over and over. How do you make it go away forever?

andyP On 2013-07-06, 2:01 AM
flyinseal On 2013-09-15, 8:23 AM
I'm using Lenovo G500s and the BIOS version is InsydeH20 rev 3.7. The problem I'm having is I couldn't locate the keyboard option. Is it hidden or something? Help?! :(
NateS On 2014-07-06, 22:34 PM
NateS On 2014-07-13, 2:34 AM

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