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Does my E520 have switchable graphics?

by Lenovo Staff on ‎03-18-2012 01:32 PM (1,838 Views)


Does my E520 have ATI Radeon installed??


I tried everything but my BIOS is not offering me the discrete graphic option and I tried many AMD drivers, including LESHCAT's and nothing seems to be working. I also scanned my E520 with Everest for hardware and I didn't see ATI Radeon in the report.


I have the 1143 - 9LG Lenovo product.




The ThinkPad Edge E520 (1143-9LG) the following specifications:


i3-2330M(2.2GHz),2GB RAM,500GB 7200rpm HD,15.6in 1366x768 LCD,Intel HD Graphics,CDRW/DVDRW,Intel 802.11bgn wireless,Bluetooth,1Gb Ethernet,UltraNav,Fingerprint reader,Camera,6c Li-Ion,DOS license


It has the Intel integrated graphics but not discrete graphics option.


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