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E320 / E420 / E420s / E520 switchable graphics with OpenGL issue

by on ‎11-09-2011 12:08 AM (8,197 Views)


The E420s with switchable graphics (HD6630M). It works fine for most games which are using DirectX, but I cant seem to be able to run anything using OpenGL on the 6630M. Even if I set it to highest performance in the switchable graphics menu, it will still use the very slow integrated intel card.




Fix for E320 / E325


BIOS here

Video Driver here


Fix for E420 /  / E520


BIOS here

Video Driver here


Fix for E420s


BIOS here

Video Driver here

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I'm finding the same problem, except with using the "Advanced" OpenGL setting in Adobe Photoshop CS5.5.


I've updated my system with drivers and BIOS updates above, however, that's not working. 


The video drivers packaged above aren't the latest listed on the AMD site for the 6630M and I can't update my system with drivers from the AMD site. 


This is a real issue for me since I bought the laptop as a design production machine and can't utilise the graphics card to its full potential. I wrote to AMD to ask them, which resulted in them pushing it back as Lenovo issue. 


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Are these updates supposed to fix the problem of not being able to manually switch to the amd radeon card or at least make the dynamic switching work? My major problem is not open gl but the fact that my thinkpad edge e520 never uses the amd radeon graphics, for which i bought the notebook and paid not a small amount of money. These updates at least couldn't solve my problem.