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How can I turn off the zoom feature of my Touchpad on my ThinkPad E520?

by Lenovo Staff on ‎01-25-2012 10:19 PM (49,992 Views)


The screen on my ThinkPad Edge sometimes zooms in and out when I run my finger along the Touchpad or when I tap on the surface. I know you can use the "pinch" with two fingers to zoom in and out but this happens to my set with just a tap of one finger.


How can I adjust the Zoom settings for my E520?


In Control Panel go to Mouse -> UltraNav -> TouchPad Settings -> Application Gestures -> Pinch Zoom -> uncheck the Enable Pinch Zoom box.


You can also adjust other settings to your satisfaction here.

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What's DOS?

I have the same problem with my V570..  My driver has no such controls over gestures.  Any ideas for my machine?  The actions of the pad render a menace.