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What's DOS?
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Accepted Solution

Is there a wifi switch on Thinkpad Edge?

All of a sudden my wireless isn't working, after I picked up the laptop.  I'm pretty sure I touched a key or a switch.  Is there a wireless switch someplace on this laptop?  If so, where?  If not, how do I restore the wireless?  Help!

Token Ring
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Re: Is there a wifi switch on Thinkpad Edge?

[ Edited ]

 Hi, barbnice


 There is a shortcut where Fn keys are usually placed.

If you press the wireless control button (which is F9 on my E420), a wireless control UI appears.


It looks like this:


 ThinkPad Wireless Control UI


From there, you can press either button to turn the wireless feature on or off.

You can also click on 'Individual control' to turn on/off Wireless and Bluetooth separately.


 If previous method did not resolve the problem:


Right click on the Windows wireless control button on your taskbar.

Then, click on Troubleshoot problems.


 A window like this will appear:


Windows Wireless Troubleshoot


Click on "Check to see if this problem is fixed" and wait a while until it turns on the wireless capability.


 I hope this resolves your problem.


Paper Tape
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Re: Is there a wifi switch on Thinkpad Edge?

How in the world does one add a question to the discussion of an E420?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Is there a wifi switch on Thinkpad Edge?

Go back to the message listing and click on NEW MESSAGE at the top.