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Paper Tape
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EasyServ Repair Problems 11e Yoga Chromebook

Last week, I purchased a refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Yoga Chromebook.  When I received it, it was sealed in the original packaging with a sticker indicating that it had been refurbished at a Lenovo facility.  When I turned it on, I got stuck at the Enterprise Enrollment screen.  It seems that it was registered to the domain of the original owner and would not let anyone login without credentials for that domain.  The trackpad was also non-responsive, but I figured once I logged in, I could toggle the trackpad settings and get it working.


There was a link to contact Google for help with this, so I followed those instructions.  Google said that they could not help me, and that I'd need to contact the original owner to have them de-register the device.  Since I had no connection to the original owner, I contacted the seller who apologized and told me that, since the device had a full warranty, Lenovo should be able to fix the issue.


So, I contacted Lenovo for help on Sunday.  The Tech Support Agent that I spoke to first tried to tell me to return the device and get something that ran Windows since Chrome OS and Android are inferior(!).  Anyway, once I assured him that I did indeed want a Chromebook and knew all about Chrome OS, he told me that I could send it in for repair, and that all they'd need to do was wipe the system and re-install the OS with a consumer image instead of the enterprise image that was on the machine.  I told him I was concerned about doing this since I had a 14-day return window, and I didn't want to miss this.  He assured me that I'd have a return box the next day, and that Lenovo would receive my Chromebook the following day, and that they should be able to turn-around the repair in less than 24 hours and get the machine back to me by Thursday or Friday.  He also said that if the trackpad turned out to be defective, they could replace that quickly as well.


I received the return box on Tuesday and shipped it out the same day.  Lenovo received the machine on Wednesday morning and began repairs at 7am.  Before 10am the status changes to "Hold for Parts", so I called to find out what was going on.  They connected me with someone in the Repair Depot who said that the trackpad and keyboard bezel needed to be replaced, and they had to wait for parts.  When I asked about the software issue I had actually sent it in for, they seemed very confused.  They said that they'd need to "reinstall the original OS" and wipe the hard drive which I gave them permission to do.  They then asked if it was running Windows 7 or Windows 8.  I explained that it was a Chromebook and was running Chrome OS, but the technician didn't seem to know what Chrome OS was which didn't instill any confidence, but she said she'd make a note of the information.


On Thursday morning, the status change to "Machine being repaired" which I took to mean that the required parts had arrived.  However, a couple hours later, the status changed back to "Hold for parts", so I called for information.  This time I was told that they had to replace the keyboard, the keyboard bezel, and the trackpad which hadn't solved the issue, so they had gone ahead and replaced the "monitor screen" and "touch screen" as well.  I reiterated that I had sent the machine in for a software issue, and they assured me that as soon as the hardware problems were taken care of, they'd move onto fixing the OS problem.


This morning I called back when I saw that the status had changed to "Hold for customer information".  I was told that they actually didn't need any information from me, and that the machine had been "sent out for testing" last night after they replaced the "circuit board".  They said that no further information was available.  I called back again around 11:30 and was told that they were still testing things.  


At that time, I asked if I could speak to someone who was actually working on my Chromebook, and I was put on hold.  The rep came back to say that it was taking a long time and that he'd stay on hold and request that the technician update the status so that I could find the latest information through the website.  I also requested that I get a call-back with more information.  I also expressed my frustration with the fact that this was a new machine to me that had supposedly been refurbished by Lenovo which their techs had now replaced nearly every part.  To me, it seems that they're spending a lot of time (which costs Lenovo money) and parts on this repair, and maybe it'd be in everyone's best interest to replace the Chromebook with a new one.  He said that this was an option he'd explore.


An hour later, I've gotten no call-back and the only indication that anything has changed is that my status has changed back to "Machine being repaired".  It's my guess that no one in the Think Pad division knows anything about Chromebooks, so they just keep replacing parts.  I'm stuck in the middle worried that Lenovo won't fix this machine and I'll get it back after the return window has closed.  Either way, I'm frustrated and annoyed.


I'm hoping that someone at Lenovo will read this (very long) post and reach out to help a frustrated customer.

Paper Tape
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Re: EasyServ Repair Problems 11e Yoga Chromebook

Just wanted to update this.  I spoke to one of the managers (i think) in the Depot who took responsibility for the repair of my new Chromebook.  Long story short, it's been repaired, I received it back today, and it's working.

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Community SuperMod
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Re: EasyServ Repair Problems 11e Yoga Chromebook

Thank you for the update.

Glad to hear that things are working now.



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What's DOS?
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Re: EasyServ Repair Problems 11e Yoga Chromebook

We purchased 2 of this item for our business approx. 2 years ago and have only been able to use them a total of 3 or 4 months.  We would send them in for memory/storage issues (which took a week or two) and then use them for a couple of weeks, then they would be corrupted again and not useable.  The cycle continued, the problem was never truly remedied and we are not out of warranty.  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT unless you want a very expensive paper weight!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: EasyServ Repair Problems 11e Yoga Chromebook

I wonder if the ssd was actually replaced or if the operating system just reinstalled. Speak to a manager, or at the very least escalate beyond level 1. inform them that your same issue persists after depo service and demand the ssd be swapped. Also sounds like the problem could possibly be related to how the device is being used and powered on/off. Hard resets can cause corruption. 

Paper Tape
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Re: EasyServ Repair Problems 11e Yoga Chromebook

A small piece broke off of my charging port, can the port be replace or repaired?

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