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Paper Tape
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Lenovo does not have any customer service department!

That is exactly what I was told by one of the tech support assistance. My wife's chrome book has given up the ghost and was sent for repair over two weeks ago. Finally I receive an email from a third party company looking for £460 to repair a chrome book worth about £200! They rely on that age-old claim of liquid ingress! My wife is a middle-aged secretary and not prone to giving her laptop a drink. The chrome book is only 10 months old and I thought Lenovo were going to repair it but clearly they have some other shady company that they farm the repairs out to. I just can't believe that Lenovo has such little regard for its customers that it would allow this to happen. If there is a customer support function within Lenovo, please would you contact me and I will give you the details of this matter and hopefully you can help me. This device is still in guarantee and you should not try to avoid the guarantee by behaving like this.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo does not have any customer service department!

I am also so frustrated with the lack of responsive customer service.  I have a new laptop (August 2018) and purchased the 3 Year Onsite Upgrade and am looking for a complete refund after encountering the worst customer service experience for a failed battery.  The actual service provider on this contract has been quite disappointing in lack of responsiveness or representatives without authority to do anything!  And try to reach someone at lenovo.  I have spent literally hours trying to get to the right person.  Maybe  through social media I can. 

Basically - how do I get a complete refund for the service contract?  


Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo does not have any customer service department!

Is anybody from Lenovo going to respond to this post?
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Re: Lenovo does not have any customer service department!

I sent my X1 Extreme back for refund due to poor customer service. When my X1 Extreme arrived it had a defect in the upper left corner of the display. I called Lenovo immediately and told them of the issue. They offered to allow me to return it for a refund or to have the display replaced by their onsite service. Since it was still functional, I told them a screen replacement would be fine. They told me that I should hear from someone within 48 hours to schedule a repair. I never did so I called Lenovo back.


They could only tell me that the repair company had received my replacement display, but would not tell me who they were. They assured me that someone would absolutely be in touch in the next 24-48 hours.  Nobody called and I called Lenovo back.


This time they said they would “escalate” my case and that I would definitely hear from someone by the end of the day. He asked me for additional phone numbers so I gave office and home in addition to cell and told me to call or email if I didn’t hear from anyone. I never did. So I emailed him the next day.


He got back to me and said the company tried to call me, but nobody answered. Neither my cell phone or home phone had any missed calls on caller ID I did not recognize and no messages from anyone about my computer.  He again said he would escalate my case.


More time passed, more calls, even tried PM’ing them through Facebook.  All I could ever get was “We are sorr” and “We will escalate.”  The guy who had been emailing stopped responding. I learned “escalate” is Lenovo speak for “passing the buck to someone else.” But otherwise accomplishes nothing.


3 weeks later my  X1 Extreme sat with the same defective display, even though the replacement display was signed for 2 days after I reported it by some repair facility.  No calls from anyone about repairing it or replacing it.  Only frustration and empty words from Lenovo.  I had the decision to return it for a refund, even though I otherwise loved the machine.


If this was the kind of service I was going to get for a defect out of the box, what was I doing it get down the road if something happens? What if unlike this defect, it didn’t work at all? 3 weeks and not even the courtesy of a call to schedule a repair?


Here is the kicker.  2 day after I sent my X1 Extreme back to Lenovo I get a call from someone who identifies himself as being from IBM (IBM?) and wants to come out that day to replace my display!


I told him sorry, but I already sent it back after not hearing from anyone for 3 weeks.  He apologized and explained that my case was passed on to him because the previous company had failed to act upon my case.  


Unfortunately too little too late.  I had already sent it back and won’t purchase another if that’s what I can expect for service. Nice machines, but the companies reputation is brought low by sub-standard 3rd party service companies.

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