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What's DOS?
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Refurbished x131e

Hi all,


This may not be the most productive post around, as I'm just looking for information, not a solution.


I recently purchased a refurbished x131e chromebook (AMD processor) from the online store. Upon receiving it, I found that the device has an `enterprise enrollment' with some k12 school in Missouri. In order to do anything with computer (including installing an alternative OS), I need the device to be unenrolled. I've contact Google, but it seems that the process will take a few weeks.


It seems to me that the device should have been unenrolled when Lenovo refurbished it. Is this the normally the case? Or is there an obvious reason I'm missing that they don't? If there is such a reason, then it seems that Lenovo should inform the customer of refurbished Chromebooks that they may not be able to use the product for up to three weeks following the purchase.


Any information on this would be helpful, as I've found plenty regarding the unenrollment of used Chromebooks, but nothing regarding the fact that refurbished Chromebooks may remain enrolled.



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