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Fanfold Paper
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Thinkpad 11e what generation -Chromium

The Chromium Project lists status of Chromebooks that can run Android Apps.

It lists Thinkpad 11e Chromebook (Gen 3)*  Stable Channel

My ThinkPad 11e is 20DU -003 Celeron N2940

My guess is that because there is no generation number, it must be prior to Gen 3.

My model is 20DU-003us Celeron N2940

Gen 3 models start at Celeron N3150

Can anyone confirm this?


I am able to access both the Chrome store and Android play store.

However, when attempting to install an Android app, there is the error message that the Play store fails to find an Android device connected to my Google account, meaning it Chromium is not installed on my Chromebook.

Can anyone point me to where Lenovo is working on the Chromium project and why they didn't include all 11e's?



What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad 11e what generation -Chromium

I have a similar question. 


Will the original Yoga 11e Chromebook ever get the Google Play store, as the Gen 3 & Gen 4 have?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad 11e what generation -Chromium

Here is a guess. 

According to the Google Chrome Enterprise Auto Update Policy,  automatic software updates from Google will end for the Thinkpad 11e Chromebook, June 2019.

So, maybe Lenovo has made a business decision that it wasn't worth it.




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