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Yoga 11e Chromebooks

Is there a repair guide out there for broken power buttons. We have a large deployment of Chromebooks at my organization (3000+) we have noticed that a number of them have broken power buttons on the right side. This can go unnoticed on a chromebook since startup can be done through opening the cover. On screen there are at least 2 options for powering down the device. Occasionally the power button has to be held in order to power down the device. This is when we find the power button to be mushy or soft. Upon opening the chromebook we find that the bracket that holds the power button has become separated from the motherboard. Or in extreme cases the board is cracked at the edge. Has Lenovo addressed this problem? Seems like a fix to re-enforce the bracket would be in order. Currently the fix is to get an entire system board replacement. Anyone have any input or have you seen this problem too? 


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Re: Yoga 11e Chromebooks

Hello, welcome to the community and sorry for not spotting your post earlier.


Have you reported this to your Lenovo representative and have they notified support concerning this matter?  If you have and have a case number would you be kind enough to share it with me please by private message. I would also appreciate receiving the following information also by private message;


Company / Organization Name;

City or Town / State;

Contact Person Full Name;
Contact Person Telephone No.;
Contact Person Email address;
Example System Type;
Example System s/n;


Thanks in advance




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