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Issues upgrading to an SSD

2015-01-03, 19:06 PM

Hello All,


The lenovo L440 I ordered came in the mail yesterday and I fired it up to check out if everything was operational. Everything worked just fine and no issues were encountered with the Windows 8 installed HDD. All along my goal was to replace the HDD with a Samsung 840 Evo SSD I had lying around. So I replace the HDD with my SSD, put in a windows 7 install disk (not original, got the install off of Dreamspark) and nothing happens. Sometimes, the install is able to make it past the "loading files for setup" page, but hangs on "Starting Windows" page (with the pulsating windows orbs). I can hear the cd drive slowing down and completely stopping. 


I thought a good workaround for this would be to install Win7 on the SSD via another computer and pop it back into the L440. But that too was unfruitful. I also tried putting in a SSD what has windows7 running and that also didn't work. The drives are recognized in the BIOS and can be seen in the boot options list, but when selected, the screen flashes and ends up with the same list view.


I would really appricate some help on this, at this point it's just about getting the SSD to work with this computer, no matter what the OS is.


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Re: Issues upgrading to an SSD

2015-01-04, 6:03 AM

 have you installed system on your new comoputer? if tehre have been system on your computer, and you want to replace HDD with SSD, you can only migrate os in HDD to SSD, but if you want to replace the whole HDD with SDD, you can clone  HDD to SDD.

more information for: replace HDD with SDD

                                         clone hard drive


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Re: Issues upgrading to an SSD

2015-01-07, 13:25 PM


I have the same problem. In an other forum I have read, that the old sandforce contoller isn't compatible with the new hasswell boards.  Tried Ubuntu - same result.








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Re: Issues upgrading to an SSD

2015-01-14, 23:32 PM
My 840pro works with no problems at all
@milkman93: idea to plug SSD to another computer and then install OS is no good because every computer needs different chipset and cpu drivers, so, fresh install (or cloning as ddghhfj mentioned) is needed. If your DVD/CD is not working, try using another DVD/CD, or try to install it via USB memory (USB is way I do it)
sorry 4 bad english
plug & pray

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Re: Issues upgrading to an SSD

2015-02-02, 16:44 PM

The issue is not your SSD, but Windows 7. I went through this when I got my L440 as well. I bought it with Windows 8 installed, planning to install my 840 Evo and Windows 7.


When I attempted to do so I had the same issue, and eventually figured out that there is a bios setting which needs changed from UEFI to Legacy. Windows 7 does not support UEFI security and so the Bios will not allow the install to complete. Changing this should allow a perfectly normal install. Mine has been great ever since!

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