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L380 yoga + dock + 2 * uhd screens / experiences?

2019-03-12, 23:55 PM



Thinking of buying a L380 Yoga, however, one of my requirements is being able to use 2 uhd screens @60 Hz.

It seems that the standard USB-C dock (40A90090) won't be deliver, however, the USB-C and USB-A hybrid dock (40AF0135) should work with 2 uhd screens at 60 Hz. However, I've seen conflicting system requirements on different Lenovo product pages either L380 yoga being or not being compliant with it.


Can anyone please clear things up for me?


Also, if there are any L380 yoga users here reading - I've noticed there's some flex to the base - how will that affect its reliablility? And will I lose keys from the keyboard when using it in tablet mode (the keyboard not being lift and lock)?


Thank you in advance!



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Re: L380 yoga + dock + 2 * uhd screens / experiences?

2019-03-16, 14:22 PM

So far it has served me great. I haven't noticed the base flexing or anything unless you try to push it, but then that falls to the nature of it being an L series, it's not built like either the X/T series.

Regarding the keyboard, what do you mean by losing keys? I'm gonna assume you're saying that what happens to the keyboard while in tablet/tent mode. If so, when you rotated the display past 180 degrees, the laptop will render the keyboard useless. Yes, that's correct, any key presses you made (accidental or not) at that point doesn't do anything. You'd need to use the on-screen keyboard from thereon (or just use the pen pro to write). 


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Re: L380 yoga + dock + 2 * uhd screens / experiences?

2019-03-17, 7:53 AM

Hello, I can't speak to the functionality of the usb c port compliance with other display technology. However, assuming when you mention the loss of keys, you may be referring to the fact that unlike the other thinkpad yoga models having retracting keys when the unit is in tablet mode. 

I can't see the keys coming out unless you purposely pluck them out. They are well seated into each bay, and unlike other manufacturers where there is a slight gap between the key and the board (usually chiclet keyboards), the thinkpads do a good job in greatly reducing that gap size. I can't see the keys being plucked out unless you wedged a very slim card, (slimmer than a credit card) between the key and the board and plucked then out purposely. The keys are not as rasied as they used to be in the IBM days. 

As for flex of the base unit, that shouldn't be a problem unless your concerned with the unit flexing in a bag, (or is your concern more geared towards tablet mode?). 

I can say that I, not to long ago had a cracked screen. I couldn't recollect whether it was from carrying it around or closing the unit with an item between the screen and the base. My theory has always been that my wife closed the unit with something between the bottom of the lcd and the base of the keyboard. I often went to sleep with the unit on my bed and she would close it and put away.

Although the unit is not built at the same quality of the other more expensive business laptops from lenovo, the screen backing is metal and the other components are made of a hard plastic. I will say, once you have gone with the Lenovo Thinkpad models, it's really hard to go back to the more consumer based products. Hope this helps a little. Good Luck.

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