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R 52 Black screen when booting

2009-05-13, 18:44 PM

I installed a new hard disk 2 and a half year ago. When booting up, it always showed the message of error 2010, which I could ignore and it doesn't effect the system performance.


Until today when I tried to boot my computer there was a message saying something wrong about the laptop. I didn't pay attention. The next time I tried to boot up the system, the monitor went on black screen, while Windows started to boot up. I tried to push Access IBM button, but it didn't work. I tried to restart by pushing Power button, it shuts down promptly but the black screen occurs again.


Please let me know what went wrong and what should I do



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Re: R 52 Black screen when booting

2009-05-18, 2:10 AM

I am now experiencing this issue.  I still have the original hard drive.  When I try to power on my computer, all the LEDs flash except the hard drive LED and then nothing happens (hard drive LED stays off).


Is the hard drive out?


If so, are the only requirements that a replacement be a PATA/IDE hard drive?  Any way to not have to buy another license for the Windows XP operating system since the only copy I received was installed on the hard drive?


Thanks for any help!


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Re: R 52 Black screen when booting

2009-05-19, 14:13 PM

I came across the same issue, except if I push to the left of the finger touch pad while restarting it would come up and work fine unless moved.  So I don't think it is the drive.  That is what I need help to figure out too.


on the windows issue, the best way is to use the system restore disks, if you lost them call up and get a new install disk from the maker.  I t will cost like ten bucks but you can use the key that is on the sticker


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Re: R 52 Black screen when booting

2009-05-21, 16:13 PM

If you have a friend that you can borrow the XP cd from. Your CD Authentication License Key should be printed on the bottom of your laptop. Use this key instead of your friends (otherwise it's illegal, and a big no no). Go in to the bios, and tell it to boot form that CD. Once it's loaded, look to see if it even shows/acknowledges the hard drive as being installed in the system (Also look and note if it does the same in the Bios).


Please post these results back to us.

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