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R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2007-12-04, 10:26 AM
Thanks for putting up the feedback. I own a X20 and a T42 before, currently I own a R61i which is anout one week old. However, i do have this problem when I start using the system, it eats up all my hard disk space even though I only install the basic Microsoft Office and nothing else. Apparently, this problem also happens to my Lenovo 3000 N100 which I bought 6 months ago. I have no choiuce but to down grade to XP professional and it is working fine now.
I send back the machine to the service centre and they too are puzzled and does not know what is the cause of the problem except to re-format and re-install my system, I just got my system back today and hopefully I can get it up and running wihout the same problem appearing.
Can anyone advise if there is a compatibility problem with Vista Business and Lenovo system. Apparently, there seem to be a bug to fix up.

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Re: Introduction

2007-12-04, 11:46 AM
Welcome to the forum
What you have posted leads me to ask one or two questions; have you noticed that your hard disk space is being eaten up on the R61i? Your downgrade to XP on the N100, did you do it manually, or did you have recovery cds for XP?
My reason for asking; there is a pre-installed Lenovo Utility called "Rescue and Recovery". This is a back-up software which can be used to recover your system if windows crashes. There is however one feature which has been the cause of some frustration; as default it is set to back-up the system every Wednesday at 2pm, (I think). What happens is that some people don't notice this and after a while their free space has disappeared, the solution is to either turn off the automatic back-up so it doesn't use anymore space, or delete the already made back-ups and start over.



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Re: R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2007-12-04, 13:48 PM
There are various backup issues which could use up all your space but its really impossible to guess remotely.

I'd advise you to download a trial of Space Monger, its a great program which shows you exactly what is using up the space on your drive :


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Re: R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2007-12-04, 14:57 PM
simonkoh - welcome to the forum!

Have you run System Update to ensure you have all the latest drivers & patches? This is always a good first step regardless, but in this case you may need this patch:

"This update is designed to help optimize space allocation associated with Rescue and Recovery backups."
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Re: R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2007-12-05, 17:07 PM
My assumption on this is that you probably have Rescue and Recovery installed on your system. If you click Yes on the dialog that asks if you would like to preform a backup of your system (Rescue and Recovery is scheduled to prompt you each Wednesday at Noon), then the initial backup will create a whole backup of your system on your hard drive, and double the amount of space used. If you have an 80GB hard drive, and have 20GB of data on it and do a backup, you now have 40GB of data. Rescue and Recovery at this point forward would do incremental backups only backing up data that has been created or changed since the initial backup.

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Re: R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2007-12-14, 1:42 AM
I think this is 1 of the common mistake customers always do.. :)

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Re: R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2008-04-11, 19:48 PM

I had exactly the same problem with my R61. I found out that it was System Restore which was by default allowed to use all the available space in the hard disk. What is even more amazing is that you cannot easily change the value, but you need to use the console to do that. This is how to do the trick:

1.  Go to Start

2. In the search field, type: cmd

3. Right click the "cmd" item and select "Run as administrator" Click OK for any User Account Control prompts.

4. At the command prompt, type the following (copy & paste for accuracy):

      vssadmin list shadowstorage

5. Press Enter

The above command will list the current amount of Used, Allocated and Maximum allowed storage size for the Volume Shadow Storage on your computer.

To resize the amount of disk space that Vista allocates to shadow storage, type the following exactly as shown, press enter when done: 

      vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=C: /On=C: /MaxSize=2GB

Note: The above example assumes that the root drive for your system is C:

You should receive a message that informs you that the command was successful.

To change the maximum allocation, replace 2GB with your preferred amount (eg: 600MB or 5GB).


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Re: R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2008-06-15, 22:45 PM
Your posting helped me free 60GB!  Thank you thank you thank you!

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Re: R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2008-10-21, 17:50 PM
Hi,  I have a R50e with 30GB hard drive ,  it ran out of space.  I when in a deleted backups in restore and recovery , and compressed unused files in disk clean up.  I found 2 GB's.   How much space is XP pro and all the Thinkadvantage taking ups.    I don't have much in graphics or programs.  Although I do have office 2003 on there.   I tried you cmd fix but couldn't get pass the C:\  prompt.  It gives me and error. ( it has some system32 following the c prompt and I can't just put it in alone).  I search cmd and got lots of files.  I just upgraded the recovery to 4.0 and thought I saw there was a fix to reduce the amount that is backuped and I tried to put that in but said it didn't need it.   What short of getting a new HD should I do?  THERE MUST HAVE BEEN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE UPSET ABOUT TOO SMALL OF HD'S WITH VISTA , I DON'T FIND ANY REAL FIX.  WHY CAN MY DESKTOP WITH 20GB BE WORKING JUST GREAT.  Thank you.

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Re: R61: Disappearing hard drive space

2009-07-02, 8:54 AM
I have tried the tvtrnr_sispatch30.exe download but had a window pop up that said it doesn't apply to my system. I have tried to walk through the steps to limit the space alotted to the rescue and recovery program but the directions are for Vista not XP (my operating system). Any guidance would be appreciated.
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