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2100 error ssd not found



a week ago i bought L450 with samsung 256 ssd, fullhd ips antiglare, 8gigs memory, 3g.


I have updated all drivers with lenovo system update(using windows 8.1) i have also updated bios, and yesterday my system started to become unresponsive, i have started taskmanager that said my hdd is under 100 percent of active state, but read write speed was 0 kbs, so i did a hard reboot (because win**bleep** have sometimes bad moments), then my PC does not booted. i have started to find solution, on lenovo website i found that i need to download and execute some *.bat file to udpate SSD firmware to be compatible with new bios (this is **bleep** logic because it worked for few days with udpated bios), also how to do that if PC does not boot into OS how to execute this bat file if most new notebooks have only 1 sata port...


So i have tried to remove ssd and insert it back, not helped, i have putted it into my old B590, it also not recognize, i have putted my B590 hdd to L450 it worked. So there is no problem with sata connection. I have tried to falsh back oldes bios i have found on support site, this also not worked. I have no option in bios to change AHCI/Raid/Compatibility mode to test it out, but i tested it under B590, also without success. I have tried to keep disc without power (detatched) for one hour, not helped. i have tried without power and battery long press powerbutton to try consume some persisting energy inside if any. Also does not helped. I have booted up ubuntu from flash drive to check if it recognizes, but with no luck. 


As developer i have some projects that have bigger value, i have believed in quality based samsung ssd and everything that tells that the ssd disc are more reliable and also in Lenovos Mil-Spec, i have putted all my projects to it to be on possible safes place, and removed them from my old PC... and now everything is gone...


So i now:

1. Is there any DYI solution?

2. If no will lenovo accept waranty if i detatched the hdd and changed the dics to test this out?

3. If yes, can lenovo save my data?

4. If no can I ask for some compensation of my data loss?


This notebook costed me 975 euros, this money in slovakia is more  than average wage (minimal is 380, average is 500-800)


My B590 for (480euros) survied nearly anything (fall from  2 meters to hard surface, cofee on keyboard, ect...) i have believed in lenovo quality.





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Re: 2100 error ssd not found

It's possible the SSD is just faulty. Lenovo uses pretty much the same SSDs as the ones you can buy aftermarket.

1) Get your own SSD/HDD.
2) The HDD should be a CRU, and so replacing it will not void warranty unless you were negligent in the process.
3) 99.99% no if the SSD has actually falied. SSD data recovery is ridiculously cost-prohibitive.
4) Probably not.

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Re: 2100 error ssd not found

so i can say good bye to my data and take Nb to warranty... why is taht if i google for that kind of error 90% of results is related to thinkapd not matters if that is ssd or hdd? ThinkPads have some hw problems or just a faulty series?

anyway thank you for reply.

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