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Re: ACPI Failure

Thank you for your complete summary.


I only see one last chance:  Plug off the BIOS-battery for several hours and try it again.

I don't have any more ideas.

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Re: ACPI Failure

[ Edited ]

After talking with a Lenovo support representative I learned the cause of my troubles. I was leaving my charger in after the battery was fully charged, and this caused the capacitors on the board to fill up, and the board would malfunction.


I discharged the caps by removing the battery, unplugging the AC cord, and pressing the power button 10 times, and then holding it for 10 seconds.

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Re: ACPI Failure

"I learned the cause of my troubles."
Regardless of whether this was the reason for your problem, how is that an acceptable answer? What are you supposed to do once it is fully charged? Unplug and use on battery power, or disconnect the battery and continue use with just the power cord?

I wonder if that's the answer to some of my problems. I'm not having exactly the same issues, but there are definitely some weird things with my computer.
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Re: ACPI Failure


I hate to be one to simply write "me too", but, yeah, "me too".


Shortly after experiencing "Fan Failure" message on boot, my Fn function keys stopped working in Windows 7.


I know this is NOT an OS issue, for it is possible in a properly working system to be able to use Fn+Home and Fn+End to adjust the screen brightness upon POST, prior to the OS loading.  


Same goes for the ThinkLight - hitting Fn+PgUp should switch on the light even during BIOS POST.  Ever since the "Fan Failure" message, however, my ability to use any Fn key combinations at any time, in any OS - Win7, Linux, etc.


I am exhausted from all the support drones telling me to uninstall and reinstall the BIOS and the HotKey drivers.  I have done exactly this a half-dozen times.  The issue has to be BIOS and/or ACPI related, not OS-level driver related.


I need HELP!  Please!

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