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What's DOS?
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After critical Lenovo update, ThinkPad L540 is bricked

Running Windows 10.  TYPE 20AV-CTO1WW


After having performed the Lenovo update (as advised by the software, done this many times before) the laptop is now in a state in which it will continually restart, with the message "Configuration changed - restart the system" shown during the cycle.


I have tried to break this cycle by pressing various keys, but no luck there.  I then removed the main battery, AC power, and CMOS battery, and all this did was add the warning "0271: Real Time Clock Error - Check Date and Time Settings" to the above message.  It won't boot from a recovery USB drive I made months ago for this computer.


Long story short, a Lenovo update bricked my computer.  It was working just fine before the update, and now it's a doorstop.  I've seen that this error has plagued many ThinkPad owners, and the usual excuse is a motherboard problem.  I really don't see how that's the issue.


Anyone got anything?

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