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Re: Annoying beeping

the setting is in the bios settings under alarm... just press f1 or f2 (can't remember) wildly at powerup to get to bios settings
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Re: Annoying beeping

It's F1, and that's what I did too, that beep is LOUD! lol
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Re: Annoying beeping

I too had to turn off the beep in the BIOS on my SL500.
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Re: Annoying beeping- solution


1, Go to BIOS- insert+ F1

2, Go to "Config"

3, Go to  "Alarms"

4, "Disable" what you need


I did it this way and my SL 500 is silent when restoring from stand by/hibernation. 


Good Luck



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Re: Annoying beeping

[ Edited ]
Here's the method I used to kill the annoying beeps. I now have glorious silence when the system goes into sleep/hibernation mode and when attaching/detaching the power cord, but the main speakers still work fine. Thanks goes to Xenon2k8 in another thread for pointing the way Smiley Happy

1 - In Vista, go to Control panel>Hardware and sound>Sound

2 - On the Sound "Playback" tab, choose your speakers (on my SL500, it's Conexant High Definition...)

3 - Click on "Properties". This brings up the "Speakers Properties" dialog box.

4 - Click on the "Levels" tab.

5 - Under PC Speaker, click on the speaker icon to set it to mute.
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