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Punch Card
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Audio Input Select on SL500

I have an SL500, with Windows XP SP3. On my old laptop I could use audio recording software to record audio from sources other than the built in mic. For example, I could put in a DVD and record audio clips right to my hard drive. Now on my SL500 I can only record from the internal mic or maybe if I hooked up an external mic. When I select input in the software it shows the internal audio card, but still only records from the mic. Short of hooking up a patch cord from the headphone jack, directly to the mic input, I can't think of a way to do this. I haven't tried the patch cord idea yet, but it should work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



What's DOS?
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Re: Audio Input Select on SL500

Hi Greg...

I'm John and I am having the same problem on my other audio device is available or listed as an input source, so it means when I try to capture sound using FLV Download (in screen capture mode), I get no audio.....


Did you ever get an answer to your question or just get a patch cord from the audio out to the mic jack?


TY very Much,

John M

Punch Card
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Re: Audio Input Select on SL500

Try the "SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder"! Everthing, that's coming out of the speaker can be recorded.

Have fun


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