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Paper Tape
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Backup Strategy for a Thinkpad R40

We have a Thinkpad R40 that is working fine.  However, given the 5-year old hard drive, a sensible backup strategy is needed now so that we are ready for a hard drive failure or a pre-emptive hard drive replacement to higher capacity.  IBM delivered these machines with no recovery disks.  Recovery CDs can be bought from Lenovo or burned, if you have a burner.  Next week I will have a Combo IV Ultrabay 2000 Drive to make a recovery CD set.


The Lenovo ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery tool appears to be appropriate for backup for this machine.  An earlier version is pre-installed.  The current Version 4.21 is available for download, as well as the latest BIOS.  External USB hard drives, such as the Seagate FreeAgent Go are available from Lenovo and other sellers at modest prices.


Should I expect to be able to accomplish a complete backup and restore of the internal hard drive on this machine using Rescue and Recovery and the Seagate FreeAgent Go USB drive?  Will the USB drive be bootable?  Are there specific IBM/Lenovo manual references for these procedures?


Are there alternative backup and restore strategies that are better?


I appreciate your sharing your experience.




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Re: Backup Strategy for a Thinkpad R40

Hi Joseph,


Welcome to the Lenovo forum Smiley Happy


I'm pretty sure that your R40 can boot from a USB hard drive such as the FreeAgent Go you mention. Rescue and Recovery can back up your entire system as you wish. However, I prefer to use Acronis True Image for this task because it is much faster at both backup and restore (~20 minutes vs. ~2 hrs in my experience).


You are wise to set up a backup strategy. Even wiser would be to make it an ongoing strategy, with scheduled automatic backups to your external drive at regular intervals. You never know when your hard drive will fail, or your files become corrupted or accidentally deleted. Both R&R and True Image can be set up to do scheduled regular backups.


I like your choice of external USB hard drive for backups. Much faster and more convenient than backing up to optical media. You might also look into online backup services: they are probably the safest option because your data are stored offsite, and presumably on redundant media. AFAIK the online backup services won't work for "disaster / bare metal recovery" (i.e. hard drive failure), they're for data only (the most important, unique, irreplacable stuff).


Best regards,



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Paper Tape
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Re: Backup Strategy for a Thinkpad R40

Thanks for your helpful reply.


My IBM Combo IV optical drive arrives tomorrow; I have a Seagate FreeAgent Go on order.  I note that a version of

Acronis True Image is bundled with this product.


I remain interested in putting Rescue and Recovery 4.21 on the R40 (2681), if it can be done.  The R40 is not included in the list of "Supported Systems" for Version 4.21.  The Deployment Guide, page 6 says:


"This section addresses system requirements for installing the Rescue and Recovery package on Think branded systems. A number of legacy computers from IBM® can support Rescue and Recovery provided that they meet the requirements specified."


The installation requires removing the old version that was preloaded in December 2003.


Has anyone successfully installed and used Rescue and Recovery 4.21 on a Thinkpad R40?


Best wishes,




Paper Tape
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Re: Backup Strategy for a Thinkpad R40


I have a r40 2722 and need the recovery disks.

Is there anywhere I can download them from?

I am not very comfortable and do not know much about computers, so I am looking for something that will do it automatically for me.

I tried manually but I think everything is messed up now.

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