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Changing Operating System to Windows 7



I bought my Thinkpad R61i in 2008 in Shanghai. It has Windows Vista OS in international English language. But I want to switch the operating system to Windows 7 now. Is it possible ? Is there any driver issue related to this ? Can anybody tell how to do this. I ahve the  Windows 7 boot CD.


I will be waiting for help.



Saroj Kumar Patra


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Re: Changing Operating System to Windows 7

Your DRIVERS are located Here and there seems to be Win7 drivers there.

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Re: Changing Operating System to Windows 7

The computer should work fine with Windows 7. You could either perform a upgrade if the Vista edition is the same as the Windows 7 edition. For example Vista Ultimate -> Windows 7 Ultimate, Vista Business -> Windows 7 Professional. In this case you don't have to reinstall all applications, but have to upgrade the drivers after Windows is installed. My experience is that a upgrade often cause more issues compared to a clean install, but sometimes work pretty good as well.


You could also perform a clean install which will kind of be like installing Windows 7 on a blank HDD so all applications, games and so on have to be reinstalled. This is a bit more work, but a bit safer i think to prevent problems.


Either way after installing Windows 7 you can download and install Lenovo System Update 4.0 (link below). Lenovo System Update will provide you with a list of driver and applications from Lenovo for your computer and you can choose which on you want to download and install. Then everything should be downloaded and installed without you having to download and install each driver manually. It's a lot easier and faster to use compared to downloading everything manually. You can also use System Update later to upgrade the drivers.


System Update 4.0 is for Windows only. For older Windows versions you should use 3.14....just in case you try to install system update on your Vista installation.



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Re: Changing Operating System to Windows 7

do you know how to use the cd or are you asking something else???? (my site)

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