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I have an R61 with 120 Gig HD.


I recently purchased a Seagate Momentus 7200 RPM 500 GB drive as a replacement. I am running Vista Premium. (OEM, no discs). I have the new drive in an external enclosure.


I have tried using Seagate Discwizard and Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 as a way to clone the old hard drive to the new. I have tried Automatic and Manual modes. Additionally, when it comes to partitioning, I have tried all three methods; As Is, Proportional, and Manual. It appears to start off ok, but then each time it reboots and I get to the DOS part, it will set-up the first partition but then lock up on the second partition. When I get to about 10% on the second partition, the screen goes blank (there have been a few times I let it run for a few hours).


At some point, It appears to reboot and I get the Migrate/Seagate Discwizard complete. When I check the capacity of the new hard drive, it only shows I have 6.8 GB or 28GB hard drive (depending on the partition structure I chose). I have read in various posts there is a trick to cloning the IBM drive due to the head geometry. HELP! What am I missing?


As the cloning process seems to be stopping at some point, I would suggest checking your hard drive's integrity. You can find tools on most hard drive manufacturers' download sites. Seagate's is called Seatools for example. Best practice is to use the DOS version and create a bootable disc from the iso.


As you have no recovery discs, you should also create these, you never know when you'll need them.


As far as cloning is concerned;

install Acronis / Seagate Discwizard and then create a bootable rescue cd. You can then uninstall the cloning software if you wish to.


Install the new (target) drive in the primary drive bay and the original drive in the external enclosure, in other words the other way around to how you have been doing up to now. When you don't have the new (target) drive as primary in the notebook - the cloning is doomed and almost guaranteed to fail.


Boot from the rescue disc you created and clone the drive, success is almost a certainty  You might also find this to be helpful. (Link to external, 3rd party site.)

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I would like to make sure. Of course, it is possible to install SATA II disc in R61 ThinkPad? It will be handled?

I'm asking because I have my original disc damaged and has to change.