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What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎10-23-2011
Location: India
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Confusion about Adapter power Rating

I have a Lenovo SL400, which was shipped along with a 20V, 65W, 3.25A Adapter.


I lost my charger and I want to buy a new one..... Can i use a Lenovo charger which is 20V,90W,4.5A??? 


Please Help...........

Retired Guru
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Re: Confusion about Adapter power Rating


As long as the Voltage and tip are the same.

The Watt and Amp ratings simply show the Max output.
Token Ring
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Re: Confusion about Adapter power Rating

yes you can.
infact ibm used to sell 3 options depending on graphic solution and docking station.
this is also a major problem in some intel based notebook that had too low of a watt.
it would make the 5 series chipsets go to idle even under a load.
result was horible perforance under media play.
games too.
there a disable idle tweek just for that reason that a reg patch that allows windows power setting to open a new setting under power options under cpu settings.
this tweek works for all intel based chips so you can disable it under pluged in mode.
a 65watt is min i would ever use a 90 if i had a powerfull cpu and graphic option or else you risk it not ever opening up if your need full power.