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Cracked back, should I get a replacement?

My Thinkpad L480 has a hairline crack starting at the lower left side of the touch pad, and continuing to the front very slightly down. At first I thought it was a hair, then noted the crack The computer has never fallen, and is used 99% at home. Has anyone else experienced this with the shell of the computer. 

Bit Torrent
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Re: Cracked back, should I get a replacement?


I have not, but I would not be too concerned if it is not expanding or causing any problems.     A L480 Upper Case is not very expensive (found some online for $22-50 depending on vendor and whether it has the fingerprint reader or not), but replacing it requires nearly a complete disassembly of the laptop since it is the part on which everything is mounted, so unless you are very comfortable disassembling laptops, there is a possibility of doing more harm than good.   


I cannot see the crack, but you might even consider squeezing in a bit of glue to stabilize it if it becomes an issue. 



Best of luck,

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