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My SL300 laptop appears to be working fine but there are some problems which I believe may be signs of a corruped image.   I can't open up some downloaded files & I can't even open my task manager as well. [when I click on the downloaded file the hour glass appears but nothing happens] 


I was told that it might be due to virus infections & I have to reformat my laptop. However, I can't seem to find the cd! Is there anything else that I can do?   Can I still make my own recover disks?


Recovery disks can be created from a hidden partition on the ThinkPad.  Typically this is done when a customer first receives the system, and it is wise to do that in case the HDD ever fails.  A system can be restored to factory state using either these recovery disks, or using the hidden partition.  If partitions have been changed and the hidden partition over-written, this may no longer be possible which is why it is a good practice to make the disks soon after receiving the system.

You can create recovery discs using this method outlined on the Lenovo Support Site.


Once the disks are created, they can be used to reload the system.  You may also be able to press the blue ThinkVantage button during boot up to launch Rescue and Recovery feature and recovery directly from the hideen partition.  Both of these options are discussed in the link above.

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