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What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎07-25-2012
Location: Italy
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DVD recorder for R61

Hello. I need to buy a DVD recorder for Lenovo Thinkpad R61 7732-4TG. I can't find a list of compatible drives anywhere on the Internet. In particular, I found a Panasonic UJ-850 drive, and I'd like to know if it is supported by my laptop. Thank you.

Retired Support Specialist
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Re: DVD recorder for R61

[ Edited ]

Hi fturco,

Please refer following link and contact local lenovo for further assistance.

ThinkPad DVD Ultrabay Slim Burner - Overview

CD & DVD drive accessories - ThinkPad R61 widescreen (type 7732, 7733, 7734, 7735, 7736, 7737, 7738, 7742, 7743, 7744, 7751, 7753, 7754, 7755)


T61 + X201i
What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎07-25-2012
Location: Italy
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Re: DVD recorder for R61

I'm still not sure if I need a Ultrabay Slim or a Ultrabay Enhanced drive. As far as I know, my laptop have a Ultrabay Enhanced slot, but Ultrabay Slim drives can somewhat be installed, too.


I found the following items on eBay:


Are those drives compatible with my laptop?



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Re: DVD recorder for R61

The 39T2861 (your second link) is compatible per the Service Parts Detail here:


Hope this helps.

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