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Paper Tape
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Error when using Rescue and Recovery disks

Summary: I'm trying to use the recovery disks with my SL510 and they're "hanging" before they get to the "license agreement" screen of the recovery tool.


History of the problem and more details are as follows:




My SL510 is having hard drive issues. It won't boot, and gives an error message that a drive is failing with the following error code:

Status: 0xc00000e9


So I went into the BIOS and ran the hard drive check, and got "Error Code: 0000 Read Verification Failed."


I'm not getting the click of death. The hard drive appears to be trying to spin up fine, it's just--at minimum--corrupted as heck. Or maybe the connection where the drive is plugged in is bad. I don't know.


Anyway, I ordered Rescue and Recovery media on the assumption that I'm probably going to have to replace the hard drive. Still, just in case it's fixable by a reformat or re-install, I figured I'd try the recovery media before messing with the hardware.


So I moved the internal CD drive to the first position in the boot order list in the bios and saved it. No problem there.


Then I put "Operating System Recovery Disc Windows 7 Professional SP 1" (disc 1 of 2) in the drive and turned the computer on.


Results: I get the Thinkpad startup screen, then I get "Windows is loading files..." and the white bar that expands across the bottom of the screen as the files load. After a minute or two I get the "(c) Microsoft Corporation" logo at the bottom of the screen under a 2-3 inch bar that has green lines moving across it for about a minute. Then the screen goes black and displays a white mouse arrow while the hard disk light flickers green.


It's stayed that way for 40 minutes now.


A couple of times it's gotten as far as the intro screen that says Lenovo in the upper right portion of the screen, and then "Rescue and Recovery 4" on the left, below that the grayscale picture of the life preserver, and then below that "ThinkVantage Technologies." ("Step 4" of the "How do I recover--" instructions on this site)


Then it just appears to hang.


It doesn't go on to the "license agreement" screen depicted in "Step 5"---it just hangs on the "Step 4" life preserver screen.


Is this an indication that more is wrong with my system than a potentially bad hard drive? Or does it just take a long, long time for the recovery tool to load to the Step 5 screen? Or is the hard drive problem slowing down (or stopping) the recovery tool from loading?


Also, the linux bootable cd with lenovo diagnostics says it will work with all post-2009 Thinkpads, but then it doesn't list the SL-510 as a Thinkpad it will work with. Will that disk work with my system?


Is there a way I can check the connection of my hard drive? Like, would it be advisable to carefully remove it according to the instructions in the hardware maintenance manual, wipe the connectors with a lint-free cloth, and plug it back in?


MicroCenter wanted $70 to just diagnose the machine without doing anything to fix it, when I'm 90% sure buying a new hard drive, plugging it in, and running the restore media would do the trick. I am not a certified repair tech (obviously), but I used to do front line desktop support and am inclined to do the repair myself if possible just as a learning exercise. Taking screws out, putting screws in, following directions, and plugging and unplugging components without static discharges, drops, or breaking anything--that's well within my range of experience.


The machine is under extended warranty with Square Trade, but that includes that they will pay for the parts to fix it if I fix it myself. Even if I get someone else to do the repair, I would prefer to complete the diagnostic work myself.


So any input you guys can give me on what's going on and why the recovery media "hangs" would be greatly appreciated.

Paper Tape
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Re: Error when using Rescue and Recovery disks

Update: I powered off the machine (yet again) and powered up and this time I did get to the language selection and accept licensing agreement screens. Now I've got "product recovery is restoring the system, please wait."

I have no idea whether this is going to work or not. It depends on whether the hard drive was just badly corrupted and this does a low level format and manages to "fix" it, or whether the problem with the drive is more mechanical--like a bad connection between the drive itself and the rest of the system.

And thus I have no idea (yet) whether my underlying problem was dying electronics or mechanical stuff OR just garden variety disk corruption.

Can someone in the know tell me if behind the scenes the "product recovery" utility's idea of "preparing" the hard disk is a low level re-format or not?

I did see the note in the repair manual that said recovery from disks could take up to 8 hours, so now that it's gotten this far, I will (of course) be leaving the machine completely alone overnight.
Paper Tape
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Re: Error when using Rescue and Recovery disks

Update number two: I got the recovery disks to run all the way through until they said the recovery was complete and asked if I wanted to restart the computer. I clicked yes. Now when the computer powers back on I get:

Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 082)

various bits of copyright gobbledegook and numbers

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM

Then the screen blacks out and comes up with

Operating System not found
[blinking cursor]

Power cycling the machine yields the following:


It goes successfully through the thinkpad bios stuff, then I get this


Phoenix SecureCore(tm) NB

Copyright 1985-2007 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

All Rights Reserved




CPU = 1 Processors Detected, Cores per Processor = 2

Intel (R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU    T6670 @ 2.20GHz

6014M System RAM Passed

2048 kb L2 Cache

System BIOS shadowed

Video BIOS shadowed

Fixed Disk 0:


Mouse initialized


0200: Failure Fixed Disk   0


Press <F1> to Setup

Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎04-27-2013
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Re: Error when using Rescue and Recovery disks

I guess my question is at this point is there any rational reason for me not to just buy a new hard drive suitable for the machine, install it, and run the recovery disks again?

Is there anything I need to do other than follow the videos to remove and install a new hard drive, put it back together and the battery back in, and power that sucker up with recovery disk number 1 in the CD Drive?


The only thing I can think of that could be causing this other than "dead hard drive" would be "bad physical connection somewhere between the hard drive and the motherboard" and to test that I would have to at minimum take the battery out, the heat shield off, and unplug and re-insert the hard drive and see if I just get lucky. Unless I'm missing some obvious step I shoulda tried (enlighten me). [sure would be nice to be able to buy a screw set--LOL]

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