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Token Ring
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FN - CTRL swap on ThinkPad R400 / R500 keyboard [SOLVED]

Hi guys.

I've managed to make BIOS patch which swaps FN and CTRL keys on R400 / R500 keyboard.
It wasn't so easy to make such a patch for ThinkPads as for IdeaPad laptops. But after three weeks of hard work I place here the final versions for the following ThinkPads:


R400, T400
T500, W500
W700, W700ds
X61, X61s

You can download these and other CTRL-FN BIOS mods in my topic at Also you can post your requests on CTRL-FN BIOS modifications there (





Lenovo has no relation to these BIOS-es. These patches are completely unofficial. They provided "as is" without any warranties from Lenovo. Lenovo has never tested or approved these patches and don't support them. You will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from flashing or using of the patched BIOS.
Use it at your own risk.

Former Administrator
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Re: FN - CTRL swap on ThinkPad R400 / R500 keyboard [SOLVED]



You seem like a very technically proficient individual who is trying to help the broader community by offering modified BIOS versions  to provide unique functions like this CTRL-FN swap.  


I have a couple of concerns:


1) Lenovo periodically updates the BIOS of various systems to improve performance and address issues which materialize in the ever evolving customer environment - as new drivers, new operating systems, and new hardware interact.   I hope customers will choose to take advantage of the offical Lenovo BIOS releases knowing that Lenovo has tested them and fully supports them.


2) While we can say that customers use non-approved /  non-supported BIOS at their own risk, and everyone nods their heads and agrees that it is at their own risk, if the system becomes "bricked" during the install of a non-Lenovo BIOS we find ourselves in a difficult situation.   Lenovo should not have to absorb the repair cost, yet customers may not be happy having to pay the bill themselves and we have a satisfaction issue on our hands that potentially puts the future customer / Lenovo relationship at risk.  I'm also sure that you don't want customers looking for you to be responsible if something goes wrong while installing your update.


3) Customers seeking warranty service and support should be running approved Lenovo BIOS and drivers.


I appreciate the thoughtful consideration of these points as I realize that these versions may be posted / hosted elsewhere.


Best regards,




Fanfold Paper
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Re: FN - CTRL swap on ThinkPad R400 / R500 keyboard [SOLVED]

what BIOS versions you modified ?

Token Ring
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Re: FN - CTRL swap on ThinkPad R400 / R500 keyboard [SOLVED]

The latest versions for each laptop.

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