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Re: L520 - Dead screen on arrival.

WOW! Smiley Surprised That seems like a pretty fair good deal to me. Smiley Very Happy


How on earth did you manage to persuade them into that?



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Re: L520 - Dead screen on arrival.

I know, I'm very happy. I really wasn't expecting that.


I just explained the situation, that I invested in a Lenovo/Thinkpad for reliability and performance (essential for this machine which I'll be doing music tours with), and I explained my thoughts in the same way as my earlier post here. The Lenovo DOA service team dealing with my case obviously understood things and gave great customer service!

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Re: L520 - Dead screen on arrival.

i just got my L520. I was so excited, my first Thinkpad.


guess what... same thing... lcd was dead on arrival.


external monitor works, just like with all of you.


i am so disappointed, I dont know what to do. should i return this for a refund or get it repaired?



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Re: L520 - Dead screen on arrival.

Send it back and get a refund..

There is nothing but problems with L520.  ive also had the same problem and when i called up support, to tell them about the problem. They told me that they wasent aware of that problem.. but after i mailed them the link, to several of sites where people have written about that exact problem. They suddenly was.. OHH THAT PROBLEM..


i was told to send it back in, and i did.. I got it back but the problem wasent fixed at all..


I never thought Lenovo was gonna make laptops that bad.. but i was wrong.. It really blows..



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