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Paper Tape
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Hard Lockups while internet gaming, Firefox, etc(R61)

My laptop is currently after 5 or so minutes of gaming(Mostly WoW, incase that ends up making a difference) or on Firefox(Not internet explorer, strangely enough.) doing anything from java/flash games to simply browsing forums, will hard lock up. I am unable to ctrl+alt+del, alt+f4, ctrl+shift+esc, etc, requiring me to manually turn off my computer.


On one of the first, it blue screened resulting in that leading me to update my network card driver to version This however does not seem to be able to fully complete, getting stuck on the last step of moving e1000msg.dll to c:WINDOWS\System32 thus making updating to the new driver impossible. After restarting(another hard lockup due to firefox, the installation 'cut short') the driver is showing as uninstalled. 


Not entirely sure why this is occuring, as I haven't had any problems of this kind before today, 6/5/09. Hopefully someone will know something about this.

 Edit:Modified second paragraph. Also, Wireless Internet is apparently not working either.
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