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Punch Card
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

hey tome,


you need to take of the last forword slash for the link to work (after the last number "7)"

Paper Tape
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Thank you very much to you Brandon and the SL team for posting those gorgeous pictures of the machine in flickr. I am sure it will give us the customers and potential customers a better and clearer view on SL Thinkpad. Thank you very much and i have downloaded all of them. Thank you.
Paper Tape
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Hi, SL team, and it's great to see that there is now a business quality laptop with high-quality media options as well. I did have a few questions after reading through and looking at the flickr photoset... I saw some SL backs with a yellow power cord adapter (like I have on my T60) and some without... what is the difference? Also a question regarding the back... will a T60 9 cell extended battery fit the SL?

I'm looking at getting an SL500 for my T60 replacement... what sort of features will I lose? I asked a Lenovo Chat agent if the SL500 had the ThinkLight and she responded in the affirmative but after checking the flickr photoset, I can't find it... it's not there, is it? I am quite excited about getting an SL but again, I'd like to know what sort of stuff hasn't survived the jump from T-series to SL.

I do know that it's a snazzy design exercise and for that I applaud you... I'm looking forward to having mine soon!

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Token Ring
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

@Brandon_Lenovo wrote:


I will soon be starting a blog that's focused on small business, and I invite those of you who are small business owners to visit it when it comes online and share your thoughts with me. I hope to serve as a resource and sounding board, not just for PC-related news, but about small business in general. I am very excited about it, and I look forward to chatting with you there!


 Your new blog sounds exciting! Please keep us posted on it!




MacBook Pro, with an aluminum unibody enclosure **As of September 15, 2008, our company has completely switched to Apple. Having used ThinkPad products for over 10 years, we had desperately tried to find just one reason to continue using these products, to no avail. We are of the view that ThinkPads are no longer premium products. We wish you the best of luck with your ThinkPad! Happy computing…**
Punch Card
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

I am a Designer myself and i have a very picky and sensitive eye. After watching the photos and spec. of the new SL class i fall in love with it. i love the new SEXY BLACK front and it stand out so much from all previous Thinkpad. NOT that i mean all other thinkpad should change their front to glossy black. i think they should stay where they are. But this new SL class looks so different and i am so excited of it. But if Lenovo can change the inside to the same Sexy black then the machine will have the unity and simplicity. Second, i love the new Front led logo. and i like how you explain it as a human heart. After all, i think it is a exciting new Thinkpad and i wish Lenovo will make a homerun again.
Former Employee
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Hey Aguptaweb,

     Interoperability of batteries was something we focused on when we designed the ThinkPad SL, and the 6 and 9 cell batteries are interchangeable with the batteries on Montevina-based T and R series.Your 9 cell T60 battery will not fit the ThinkPad SL.

     Unfortunately, there is no ThinkLight on the ThinkPad SL. I am happy that you like the new design, since it's a *HIGHLY* subjective topic. I will be the main blogger on our soon-to-come SMB blog and the first posting focuses on the design elements of the ThinkPad SL. I hope that you'll visit it once it's up and that it'll answer many of the questions you have about the new system.




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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Hi Brandon!


welcome on board! I'm really disappointed that all the new ThinkPads have a widescreen displays. I want FlexView ThinkPads back! All other displays are just really, really bad. I buying ThinkPads since I can remember, but when you guys keep putting these cheap, low quality displays into these notebooks then I have no choice than to look somewhere else.




Community SuperMod
Community SuperMod
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Brandon_Lenovo wrote:

I will be the main blogger on our soon-to-come SMB blog and the first posting focuses on the design elements of the ThinkPad SL.


Great!  It will be interesting to hear the rationale behind the keyboard layout choice.


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Paper Tape
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Brandon, do you anticipate having VibrantView for your 15.4" displays? Also, 1920x1200 resolution? Would I be able to configure it in the future? Thank you.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

At the moment I have a T42p and am looking forward to purchasing a SL500.  My T42p has held out wonderfully and the technical support was great.  I hope that this is true of the new units.  Will the top show fingerprints that much as some reviews have indicated.  I understand that the plastic is ABG and that is supposed to be good.  Also I would like the higher resolution too.  Is it that difficult to use the USB ports.  I have small cables that can work anyway.  Can the unit come with 64bit and will there be 7200 rpm.

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