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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Well, I guess all those core duo currently available for SL500 are 64 bit, but you can always checkout the Intel's site for more info on indivudual processors. Besides, your OS also has to be 64 bit Smiley Happy. For the HDD, I hav'nt seen any SL500 config with 7.2K rpm. For that I suggest, start with bottom-line HDD, and then try to get it upgraded/replaced with a 7.2K after sometime.
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Dear Brandon,


welcome to this board ! I very appreciate to have a direct contact to lenovo members in order to share experience with lenovo productcs. This might be some valueable feedback for further product improvments for you and would be a benefit to all customers.


Since you are one of team member responsible for SL product line, I am rather curious about why you have decided to go for a ALPS touchpad whereas the SL400 and SL500 features an unquestioned better Synaptics touchpad ?


I am looking forward to your reply as well as to the start of your new blog !



Serial Port
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Hello Brandon, here is the hottest problem

Hello Brandon,


It's nice that we have a forum here. But then I expect that it is read by people like you and that something is done about real problems. This thread is about the problem almost everyone has: the continous fan:


Can you please say something about it ???


Kind regards, 


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Re: Hello Brandon, here is the hottest problem

I just want to reiterate that while my fan runs all the time I cannot hear it unless I'm in a very quiet enclosed room.  The fact is electronics last longer when they're kept cool, and my sl400 runs cool enough to sit on my lap whenever it's running, so for me, the fact that the fan runs all the time is absolutely no big deal.  Just a different vote here is all.
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

@babar wrote:
At the moment I have a T42p and am looking forward to purchasing a SL500.  My T42p has held out wonderfully and the technical support was great.  I hope that this is true of the new units.  Will the top show fingerprints that much as some reviews have indicated.  I understand that the plastic is ABG and that is supposed to be good.  Also I would like the higher resolution too.  Is it that difficult to use the USB ports.  I have small cables that can work anyway.  Can the unit come with 64bit and will there be 7200 rpm.

I too upgraded form a T42 to an SL (SL400 in this case) and I really like the new machine.  I run 64 bit Ubuntu Linux as my primary OS, and keep Vista around to play classic games on. One reason to avoid 64 bit Windows is that Microsoft still doesn't support WPA2 under 64bit yet.  I'm hoping the next SP for Vista will fix this, then I could consider running 64bit windows, but until then, no go.


The top shows fingerprints like a freaking glass table.  I have a glass topped desk at work, so I clean my screen, the laptop cover, and my desk about three times a week.  I'd much rather have it be a rubberized deck like the T42 had.  The plus side is that my SL400 seems more rigid than my T42 did.  To get that it's about 1/4" thicker.  I can live with that since the weight is still quite low at ~4.5 lbs.


Most things fit just fine into the new USB ports.  There's one that is easily reachable by overly wide USB devices near the front  of the machine, but all my USB memory keys, and all my other USB peripherals (hard drives, DVD burner, and lava lamp) work just fine with any of the usb ports.


And yes, this machine is MUCH faster than my old T42.  My T42 was running nearly 100% CPU to play 720p HD video in .mkv x264 format, while this machine uses about 30% of one core to do the same thing.  And this machine is only the 1.8GHz CPU which they don't even sell anymore.  Memory is 4Gig of 533MHz.  Matching pairs of memory is supposed to help on performance, so don't get 3Gig or 1 2gig SODIMM.


Overall I love my new SL400.  Now if they'd have just made the red eye on the lid be a think light it would have been perfect.

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Re: Hello from the SL team!

Hi Brandon,  I'm quite unhappy with Lenovo.  Firstly, my credit card was double charged while I purchase the notebook via phone.  The problem has not been solved yet.  This afternoon, I received my notebook, but the keyboard flex quite a bit on the left side.  So, I'm not really happy with Lenovo's service and the quality of your products.


I'm in Sydney, my order reference number is: CAI20081029, do you know who I can contact with to fix my keyboard problem?



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Re: Hello from the SL team!

I'm pretty happy with my sl300, though it took 2 months to get here even with mark_lenovo's involvement.  I like pretty much everything about it 'cept the fingerprint magnets lenovo installed :-).  No biggie. It feels solid, and it's fast enough for me to not rely on remote desktop into my home machine.  I also use linux, and I'm looking forward to improvement in the next few months as some things don't work (atheros wifi is tedious to get working, no volume buttons, messed up brightness controls).


Also, lenovo really surprised me with the lack of bloatware.  I actually kept some of the thinkvantage stuff installed b/c it seems really useful, and normally i'd cut that sort of stuff out with a butcher knife.


Also, i thought i would care about the alps crappiness of the touchpad, but i don't.  It's good enough.  When i want precision, i use the trackpoint, and i use the alps for stuff like scrolling through pdf's from a few feet away when i don't have to type.



I kinda miss the bios controlled mute button of my T23.  I think it makes much more sense than letting the OS control it as pressing it would mute the sound at the lowest software level.  Also, mute doesn't need to be a toggle type button when there are volume buttons around.  Imagine a scenario where a student comes to class late, opens up the laptop, and it starts making noises.  He'd start furiously pressing mute... and it would toggle annoyingly or not work b/c the software acpi control layer hadn't been loaded yet.  This happened to me b/c I brought my not set-up thinkpad to class one day.. kinda embarassing.  Mute didn't work for a while until vista was set-up properly.


Lenovo SL300 Owner
earning an MSECE at GATech, with undergrad in BME.
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Re: Hello from the SL team!

One point on the brightness, I just turned off all the OS controls of brightness under linux and only adjust it by hand.  otherwise it has this weird tendency to get bright when idle, then dim when you touch a key, i.e. it acts backwards.  Easier to just turn that stuff off.
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Re: Hello from the SL team!



Welcome to the forum.  Sorry to hear that you've not had the best time so far with things - the SL series really shouldn't be affected by some of the keyboard flex issues discussed in other threads.  If you believe that you have received a system with a defective keyboard, or perhaps some assembly error, then I would suggest you contact the service number in Australia to have your system eveluated and repaired as required.


Brandon's role is in marketing of the SL series systems, and a focus on Small / Medium business.  While I'm sure he shares concern for your purchase experience, he may not be able to respond and offer assistnace there.




Could you tell us a bit more about your fan?  Does the fan run at high speed all the time, regardless of power management settings?  Any difference on AC vs Battery?




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Re: Hello from the SL team!

@Mark_Lenovo wrote:



Welcome to the forum.  Sorry to hear that you've not had the best time so far with things - the SL series really shouldn't be affected by some of the keyboard flex issues discussed in other threads.



Hi Mark,


My SL500 actually has the same problem.  It was so bad when I got it that I immediately sent it back for repair (it was CTO, so I guess they didn't want to just replace it).  I got it back now and it's better, but there is still noticeable flex on the left side.  I can both see it and feel it.


When I first received it, the keyboard was so bad that it was actually "floating" above the case on the left side.  You could see it with the naked eye.  It wasn't flat.  There was a bulge; it almost looked like something was pushing it up from below.  (It felt like just air underneath, though.)


Now it looks mostly flat, though not completely.  But I can still watch the keys around the key I'm pressing "sink in" when I type on that side, and only that side.   And it's got kind of a clunky feel over there.  On mine, the problem seems to be centered around the "C" key.  The C and the left side of the space bar are actually the highest points on the keyboard.


It's very disappointing as I remember owning an i1500 ThinkPad several years ago, which was sort of IBM's version of the "SL" series (plastic casing, etc.) but that thing had the best laptop keyboard I have ever typed on and it was still built like a tank.  It was a real ThinkPad.  I feel like the SL500 does not use a real ThinkPad keyboard and I am suspicious of the build quality.


That said, I know you probably have a thankless job because all you ever hear in here are complaints.  But I think Lenovo should be aware of all of the issues with this laptop.  The keyboard definitely can/does have flex issues.


Also PLEASE see my thread on DPC latency - that's a bigger issue for me than the keyboard, honestly, but it's too technical to really repeat everything again here.  I would love for someone at Lenovo to be made aware of that, though, and hopefully work towards some kind of fix.

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