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Help - SL410: New Screen and Keyboard needed - need assistance in selecting parts

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I've managed to completely mess up my Thinkpad SL410 (story below - I know I'm an idiot!). I believe I have this model.  Need the following parts:

LCD: FRU looks to be 42T0669 or 42T0684 which is a glossy screen. I prefer matte, and considering I'm switching out, can I just use FRU 42T0668? Can I get a screen with a higher resolution? If so, anyone have any links? I noticed the parts number differ from the repair manual.  Update: I went ahead and bought this screen from They were local and provide a 120 day warranty. Now they didn't have an LG screen, so they provided a Samsung screen. In my excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the label to help others out.  Total out of pocket so far is: $86 + tax = $93.10. It's too early to tell if there are any problems. The screen fits perfectly and runs great. All in all, I'm a happy camper.


Keyboard: FRU 45N2353 Update: finally got the new keyboard. I bought this one instead. Typing on the new keyboard feels like it's a better keyboard alltogether. I've bought another SL410 that should arrive shortly. I'll compare both the keybaords then.


Upgrade: convert CD drive to hard drive bay. Universal Serial ATA Optical Bay Hard Drive Adapter. I am aware that ventilation will be an issue, that's why I will move the OCZ Vertex 2 SSD to the Optical Bay. And I intend on using a SAMSUNG SpinPoint MT2 HM100UI 1TB 5400 RPM 8MB in the Hard Drive bay that's already provided. (The reason I'm going with 5400 RPM is to preserve battery life. The OS will  boot off of the SSD and Ill keep movies, pictures, and documents on the traditional hard drive.)


Upgrades so far: Crucial 8GB RAM & OCZ Vertex 2 SSD 60GB.


Short version of what happened. - Spilled coke on the keyboard on a flight, quickly lifted the unit. The unit shut down immediately. I took the battery out. I took it to the bathroom to dry it out. I didn't notice the drain holes in the bottom dripping the liquid out. I let it dry for 48 hours. Took out the back plates and noticed that the RAM, HDD, CPU, WWAN, SIM slots were clean and clear. No liquid damage. I slid the battery back into place and the system hung at error 0199 and error 0210: Stuck Key 07.


0199  - never set a system password and the BIOS showed the passwords were disabled.

0210 - I used a little wire dryer to clear out the keys so they wouldn't stick.


Turned on the PC, errored out, and I just hit each key from left to right, top to bottom, and it solved both errors, (never to return again). System booted into Windows 7 with no problem, I tested out all the components and they work great. I got some oil in the LCD. I tried to take the LCD out / apart (big mistake) and destroyed the backlight cable.  I have to hit some keys twice and or strike harder for the system to register. I want to replace both the LCD and keyboard.

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Re: Help - SL410: New Screen and Keyboard needed



Sorry about your mishap, and I think it is great that you are being so straightforward about it!


It seems like you know your way around Lenovo pretty well - you've found the videos for serivice. and have located the part list for your model on the support site www. by typing in your 4 digit model number and navigating to the part lists.   Another great resource is the hardware maintenance manual for your model.


If you order the FRU# for your panel and cable, it should sub to the latest version numbers.


Perhaps others in the community can share experiences swatting from one panel to another - sometimes there are differences in the cable connector location on different LCDs and the cable could be too long or short - I don't have personal experience on the SL, so I can't advise off the top of my head.


Best regards,






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Re: Help - SL410: New Screen and Keyboard needed

Videos? there are videos? I've been using the hardware maintenance manual for the model.

I really hope someone can chime in about switching to the matte screen and/or higher resolution. The FRU # on my panel is totally different from the manual itself. The Panel I have is FRU 42T0670 & P/N 42T0669 - where as the manual has six different FRU #s (42T0648, 42T0658, 42T0684, 42T0646, 42T0656, 42T0682)

I didn't realize that I needed another LCD Cable, FRU 45M2855 (both the manual and the part in my machine are the same FRU #) Can't I reuse the LCD Cable? All I know is to get the parts from ebay, are there any other avenues I can purchase these parts?


Thanks to everyone that takes their time to help me out. Smiley Happy

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Re: Help - SL410: New Screen and Keyboard needed

About ripping off your DVD-ROM drive, I really recommend against it. But if you do it, connect the OCZ to the original HD bay because it´s´s transfer rate is 3Gb/s while the DVD-ROM drive interface is only 1,5Gb/s. You may find the replacement parts on eBay, but I don´t know about the quality of those parts...  Happy hunting!





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Re: Help - SL410: New Screen and Keyboard needed

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In regards to the DVD-ROM conversion, I dont wan't to put a spinning hard drive in there because of ventilation issues. I don't want it overheating in that cramped space. How sure are you that the two sata ports have different speeds? I've purchased this optical hard drive caddy. I'm on the fence about using it.


Replacement parts: what's my alternative?

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Re: Help - SL410: New Screen and Keyboard needed

As far as LCD screens are involved, I've noticed that if I search using the manufacturer (LG) part number, LP140WH1(TL)(A1) , it opens up a larger selection / availability. This brings the price of the LCD as low as $76.49 shipped. Does anyone suggest against purchasing the LCD in this manner as opposed to the FRU number? 

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Re: Help - SL410: New Screen and Keyboard needed - need assistance in selecting parts

Hi unkthinkpad,

You can find the videos that Mark talked about here:-


Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)
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Re: Help - SL410: New Screen and Keyboard needed - need assistance in selecting parts

Mark & Maliha, videos are so much easier to follow!

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