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Paper Tape
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L380 vs L390



I'm wondering if it is worth to pay like about 30$ to get L390 over L380? I found that L380 has better battery life (much better actually) but comes with a worse CPU and just a little worse screen. How about SSD? Is the M2 slot the same in both models in the matter of actual speed? Overall which one is a better deal?

Punch Card
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Paper Tape
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Re: L380 vs L390

Thanks. Helps a lot. So as I see - L380 if it has NVMe SSD always comes with PCIe 3.0 x4 whilst the L390 might come with PCIe 3.0 x2 - am I stand correct? Both models has MVMe but in case of L380 I might be sure that it has that faster PCIe? I could actually ask the seller but since I am buying the used one he might not know for sure what sort of PCIe the certain model has. Also is 8265u much better than 8250u? I found on notebookcheck that 8250u throttled hard in one of the benchmark compared to other laptops with 8250u.


UPDATE: Both laptops come with PCIe 3.0 x4. So I suppose it comes to the 8250u + better battery life on L380 vs 8265u + slightly better screen (maybe) + bluetooth 5.0 on L390 - what's your thoughts on this? Is like 30$, in that case it would be like paying 7% of the L380 price more for L390 - is it worth it? Or would I come better off with using these 30$ in buying bigger SSD for the L380?


Frankly none of my devices (phone, headphones, etc.) uses bluetooth 5.0 - so I am not sure if it is that big of a deal for me.

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