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L430 - Lenovo Recovery Partition

Alright, Ive searched a lot on this topic but still remains unclear for me:


I have a 120GB SSD and cloned the Win7 64bit software from my 320GB HDD to the SSD. Now, I have a 53,5GB OS-partition, Lenovo_Recovery D: (23.7GB used of the 34GB),a SYSTME_DRV E: (1.12GB used of 1,46GB), Lenovo_Recovery (2.87GB used of the 13.6GB)


My questions:


Whats the function of the 2 Lenovo Recovery Partions? And why is it so much GB''s?

Whats the function of the SYSTME_DRV partition?

Can I remove these partitions? - If not, can they be replaced to another (external) HDD (or the 320GB HDD) Thx

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