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Paper Tape
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L512 missing bluetooth

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I've spent several afternoons and hours on this issue being placed on hold, hung up on and irritated at phone reps that keep repeating whatever words I say like a parrot - but always getting handed off to another, sales rep or department that cannot do anything.


I call the main line 1-866-968-4465 and tell them my bluetooth is not installed, they assume I'm "confused" or incompetent and transfer me to the tech support department - that confirms the unit is not installed.

800-426-7378 case #30tfjqh







I download the driver and install it - and doesn't locate my device either.


There's no one person that seems to take ownership of Lenovo's error.

The ONLY suggestion I have gotten is "you can ship the entire unit back to the factory for repair".


Can someone please drop me the contact number of someone that can get things done?

I've already invested 6 hours of my time which is about 6 times the value of the part they neglected to install.


Customer Number: 5xxxxxx
Order: 2FFXCJ


Someone mail me the part and I'll do it myself.



- frustrated by runaround



Moderator Note; customer number edited for members own protection


Fanfold Paper
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Re: L512 missing bluetooth

Hi Catech:


I don't know what support you've been given thus far. But when you press the Fn F5 key combination, does it give you the status of your bluetooth device? If not, have you ran your System Update utility from Lenovo to see if you have acquired all your updates? Usually, Lenovo is going to ask that you do that and after it is verified, depending on your warranty, they should respond by either sending your machine to depot for bluetooth replacement or sending a tech out to install it for you. Remember, software maintenance per the limited warranty statement will be your responsibility. BIOS and power manager updates could resolve this for you if you have the latest bluetooth updates. 

Paper Tape
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Re: L512 missing bluetooth

Wow now it's installing the device!

They should have a forum sticky on this.

What's DOS?
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Re: L512 missing bluetooth

What did you do to resolve this problem?  I am findng the same issue.  I went through the update utility a couple of times already.

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Re: L512 missing bluetooth

It there is a harware-switch, turn it on.

Press FnF5 to enable Bluetooth.

If not successful, restart computer and go into BIOS with F1-key

Look under Security - I/O Port Access, whether Bluetooth is enabled.

Fress FnF5 one time - nathing visible will happen

Leave BIOS with F10-yes and turn off computer

Start computer - BT-LED should turn on automatically.

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