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L540 SSD upgrade crashes

About a month ago I upgraded the 1TB HDD that came with my L540 to a Crucial 1TB MX500 SSD drive (SATA III drive).  I cloned my original HDD to the SSD using Acronis.  It worked well for a few days, then it gave a BSOD randomly.  At first I thought it was random, but it keeps happening.  There seems to be no reason - sometimes surfing the Internet, sometimes working on a Word document, and even when it's just sitting there.  The BSODs are different messages, but the most common is System Service Exception (I have also seen unexpected store exception and a kernel error).  Usually upon restart, it takes over a minute before the "To interupt normal startup, press Enter" message even appears.  After another minute, it says an operating system is not found.  Usually on the third restart, the computer boots up normally, though sometimes system files are corrupt and have to be repaired using chkdsk at the command prompt (sometimes it can't fix them and I have to reimage using a backup).  When the BSOD appears, the percentage just stays at 0%, and a memory.dmp file is not created, making it extemely difficult to diagnose.  When a hardware scan is performed, it doens't find any problems.  I've already updated all my drivers, and changed the power settings so the hard drive never turns off, but it's still happening.  The SMART info from the drive doesn't report any errors.  Has anyone ever seen anything like this, or know what could be causing it?  Thanks in advance!

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