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L560 + Pro Dock trying to connect 3rd screen / Mini Displayport Monitor is recognized but won't work

Help guys I am desperate, I am spending so much money on cables and splitters but nothing is working. 


L560 with a 40A1 Pro Dock.


I have connected one screen using the displayport on the back of my pro dock, another screen on the VGA on the back my pro dock. Then I want to connect a 3rd screen but I have tried everything and it just doesn't work:


-mini displayport from laptop to displayport of monitor, recognized by computer but screen won't turn on goes right into standby mode

-tried a displayport splitter but this doesn't work

-tried a USB 3.0 video adapter to VGA doesn't work


I updated all lenovo drivers incl. bios, all monitors are same and brand new (AOC I2490VXQ)



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Re: L560 + Pro Dock trying to connect 3rd screen / Mini Displayport Monitor is recognized but won't

Hi L560user,


The following 2 links might help you.  The first one is the PSREF sheet which states that the system will only support a maximum of 3 displays so if you are looking for three displays in addition to the internal that is not possible; the internal has to be disabled.


The second link is to the display output configurations for different docking stations, you'll have to currently scroll down to the 40A1 because the link at the top appears to be broken, but according to the table you would need the Notebook DisplayPort out, DP or DVI on the dock (not both) and the VGA on the dock in order to achieve 3 external displays but, as stated, with the internal disabled.






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